Target Product Profile (TPP) & Partnering Package Preparation

Unlock asset potential and
convey differentiation through
analytics-powered TPPs.

Navigating success through innovation and industry expertise.

An integrated and cross-functionally developed Target Product Profile (TPP) facilitates strategic product go/no-go decision making along the development pathway at the different stage gates, minimizes risk, and improves contingency planning. Our TPP offering enables business development teams to optimize TPPs to articulate clinical value, enhance asset positioning, and align to strategic needs. 



Leveraging real-world data on disease burden, treatment dynamics, and unmet needs, we identify differentiated clinical endpoints and study designs to highlight your asset’s advantages. Analyzing prescriber, patient, and payer perspectives, we define a minimum viable product profile and commercial recommendations to convey market attractiveness.



Modeling and forecasting of the competitive landscape informs required features to support favorable access and adoption. By quantifying the incremental value of potential indications, we advise expansion opportunities beyond initial targets. 



With our data-driven approach to TPP development, you can precisely convey the clinical and commercial potential of assets to potential partners or acquirers. We help you to align proposed targets to corporate strategy while strengthening negotiating leverage. Our insights de-risk asset evaluation while speaking directly to stakeholder needs and constraints. Let our analytics inform compelling, optimized TPPs that position you for deal success.