Strategic Portfolio Management

From pipeline growth to
topline growth

Strategic precision for scientific innovation.

By leveraging real-world evidence and advanced analytics, we enable R&D leaders to objectively evaluate unmet medical needs, quantify patient populations, and assess market accessibility early in development. This provides clear guidance on target product profiles and target value propositions that will drive success. Our strategic portfolio management services allow pharma companies to align R&D investments with the most promising opportunities. We identify white spaces, assess clinical meaningfulness, model market dynamics, and simulate clinical trials – illuminating the best paths forward. With our guidance, R&D teams can pursue programs with the highest likelihood of clinical, regulatory, and commercial success. Our analytics transform the R&D decision process from a qualitative guessing game to a quantitative, evidence-based pursuit of high-value therapies. This improves R&D productivity, maximizes ROI, and ensures investments target therapies that improve patient lives.

Specifically, our offering enables R&D leaders to evaluate potential new therapies across multiple dimensions; from unmet medical need, market size, and accessibility to early product positioning and target value propositions. Our predictive models factor in elements like disease prevalence, standard of care, competitive landscape, and payer dynamics to estimate the addressable patient population and peak sales potential for a proposed new drug. We then synthesize this market data with early clinical evidence to develop target value propositions that can inform development, positioning, and commercialization strategies.

With our strategic portfolio management solution, R&D teams can objectively assess new opportunities, minimize late-stage attrition, and direct funding towards high-value programs that fulfil unmet needs and drive growth. This data-driven approach to R&D portfolio management aligns investments to long-term strategic priorities.


Strategies and advanced analytics to align R&D efforts with market needs

R&D decision makers require sophisticated analytics to rigorously evaluate pipeline trade-offs and align investments with overarching business objectives. Developing a cohesive portfolio strategy that balances innovation, financial performance, and organizational capabilities is imperative yet extremely complex. Our portfolio strategy solution provides purpose-built models, simulations, and visualizations to apply data-driven decision science across all stages of pipeline strategy development and execution. From corporate goal translation to scenario planning and strategy road-mapping, we help you to maximize portfolio value creation. Our analytics framework facilitates seamless mapping of high-level enterprise goals around growth, profitability, innovation, and geographic expansion into tangible portfolio targets and themes.

Our strategy and consulting services helps R&D decision makers align R&D efforts with market needs and regulatory demands and help create opportunities for portfolio leadership. We evaluate opportunities to help you maximize the value of your clinical assets through the entire drug lifecycle. We help deliver revenue mapped strategies for portfolio assessment, diversification, therapy area evaluation, and forecasting. 


Forecast TVP revenue and optimize portfolio investments

We help you forecast TVP revenue and drive planned investments across the full projected lifecycle.  As pipeline evolution necessitates pivots, our visual road mapping capabilities illustrate strategic pathways, trigger points, contingencies, and downstream impacts of any shifts. Robust decision capture maintains transparent institutional knowledge.

Quantitative modeling captures institutional priorities and constraints. Our powerful simulations enable pressure testing virtually unlimited portfolio composition scenarios against targets. Interactive visualizations illustrate ROI, value distribution, capital needs and other impacts across each potential investment mix and sequencing combination. Multidimensional decision models then prescribe optimized product and therapeutic area allocations tailored to evolve the portfolio into areas of whitespace or rebalance existing asset distributions. What-if analyses rapidly evaluate alternatives through scientific, technical, competitive and compliance risk lenses.

Our sophisticated AI/ML models surface key drivers influencing outcomes and recommends mitigation tactics to enhance strategy feasibility and hedge against uncertainties. Automated decision flows govern stakeholder review cadences.

Armed with this robust portfolio intelligence, R&D leaders can confidently plot the ideal strategic course for therapeutic area prioritization, geographic expansion, risk balancing and capital distribution – dynamically optimizing their innovation engine.


Real-time monitoring and adaptive management solutions

Shifts in market dynamics, scientific developments, and strategic priorities are constant in large life sciences and emerging pharma organizations alike. Having the ability to continuously track and rapidly respond to deviations across a multitude of performance indicators is critical for R&D leaders to proactively mitigate risks and keep portfolios on target. 

Our portfolio monitoring solutions establish a central command center with unified visibility into the real-time pulse of pipelines and development programs across the enterprise. Intuitive monitoring dashboards consolidate metrics and KPIs from various data sources into integrated portfolio scorecards and interactive visualizations. At the strategic level, portfolio KPIs measure progression against pipeline value targets, productivity benchmarks, speed indicators, therapeutic area mixes and other performance goals. Automated alerts rapidly surface deviations and trigger root cause analysis workflows to quickly identify downstream impacts.

For individual assets, drill-down dashboards shine a spotlight on operational, financial, clinical, and regulatory advancement parameters to monitor study status, budget/timeline progression, milestones, resourcing levels, risk metrics and more. Machine learning surfaces patterns of performance variance and behavioral analytics help interpret leading indicators before issues escalate.

The monitoring fabric seamlessly integrates structured and unstructured data from clinical trials, project management, internal knowledge bases, external data sources and partner networks to generate rich insights on portfolio health. NLP extracts key data points from unstructured trial reports, filings, publications, and other content repositories. Our analytics dashboards provide clear line-of-sight into safety signals, adverse events, product quality, and other GxP indicators spanning all trial phases. Comprehensive competitive intelligence and scientific/clinical landscape monitoring ensures teams proactively understand market contexts. With robust monitoring processes and tools tailored for life sciences, R&D leaders gain the vigilance required to navigate the shifting landscapes and high-stakes realities of pipeline advancement with confidence.