Portfolio decision analytics

Aligning portfolio value
with organizational value

From insights to impact

With intense pressures around cost, speed, and risk mitigation, having robust decision analytics capabilities to rigorously evaluate portfolio trade-offs is essential. Our portfolio decision analytics solution provides purpose-built models and frameworks to apply quantitative decision science throughout the R&D lifecycle. From asset prioritization to resource allocation and scenario planning, make investment decisions grounded in data-driven confidence.

At the outset, go/no-go decision models systematically assess new pipeline candidates through multi-criteria evaluation of scientific, technical, commercial, strategic, and operational factors. Configurable decision trees capture organizational priorities around areas like therapeutic focus, managed access implications, market dynamics and more.

Our capabilities in predictive analytics help R&D executives drive portfolio value management to identify right optimizations for portfolio growth. Our domain experts help uncover performance insights by leveraging scenario and sensitive analyses, data visualization, while creating a more transparent R&D portfolio and enabling cross-functional collaboration.

Once initiated, advanced analytics continuously monitor portfolio performance, modeling potential outcomes based on evolving clinical/regulatory data. Interactive visualizations map line-of-sight between programs and strategic KPIs like speed-to-market, NPV, profitability and peak revenue goals.

Our portfolio decision analytics offerings include portfolio optimization, risk assessment, and scenario planning. Through sophisticated modeling and simulation techniques, we enable pharmaceutical companies to evaluate different investment scenarios, prioritize projects based on their potential for success, and optimize resource allocation to maximize portfolio value. We help you assess scientific data, market data and financial data to generate insights that inform you about the value of your clinical assets.

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Data-driven capital allocation for enhanced value creation

Capital budgeting: Having a complex assets pipeline can prevent portfolio leaders from taking go/no-go decisions. Good assets can be obscured whereas less promising assets can get more priorities based on short term priorities or cognitive biases. These may also consume capital and resources, reducing funding available for long gestation, high potential projects.


Our portfolio decision analytics solution optimizes your budgeting process. Our machine learning algorithms analyze your programs across multiple dimensions to quantify risk-adjusted value. By factoring in costs, timelines, probability of success, and revenue potential, we determine an expected net present value for each asset. These insights allow you to allocate capital in a way that balances short and long-term value creation. Scenario modeling helps you visualize how shifting budgets between programs and therapeutic areas could impact development timeframes, launch sequencing, and financial returns. We identify the optimal risk-adjusted investment strategy for your organization. 


With our data-backed approach, you avoid over or under-funding assets. Our system integrates seamlessly with your planning processes, enabling dynamic budgeting as portfolio needs evolve. The result is efficient capital allocation across your pipeline. You get the most out of every R&D dollar spent and accelerate the most promising programs. With our solution, your investments stay aligned to your overall vision and business objectives. We empower you to make analytic-driven capital budgeting decisions to maximize pipeline value.


Maximizing ROI through strategic project selection

Strategic project selection is a make-or-break capability for Big Pharma and emerging pharma alike. For large established life sciences organizations, managing expansive pipelines, meticulous project screening and prioritization ensure investments align with strategic growth objectives. Rigorous quantitative modeling factors in portfolio impacts, risk profiles, net present values, probability of success and more to pinpoint projects delivering maximum ROI. Smart de-prioritization is as critical as optimization to reallocate funds to transformative assets.


Disciplined project selection is also paramount for emerging biotech companies with limited cash runways. Every investment decision must be scrutinized through commercial and scientific lenses. Efficient go/no-go frameworks rapidly triage opportunities based on development costs, market potentials, therapeutic novelty, and investor appeal. Strategic wins come from balancing high-risk, high-reward moonshots with safer bets to fuel growth.


Whether navigating expansion into new therapeutic areas or advancing first-in-class candidates, robust project selection analytics empower data-driven capital deployment decisions. Coupled with flexible scenario modeling, companies can pressure test potential outcomes to maximize pipeline value. As portfolios continuously evolve, applying sound decision science governs optimal project selection – fueling smart growth strategies.


Quantitative decision frameworks maximizing portfolio value

For large pharma enterprises with extensive pipeline assets, applying quantitative decision frameworks enables meticulous evaluation of project trade-offs. Advanced modeling analyzes multi-criteria impacts across scientific, commercial, financial, strategic, and operational dimensions. This identifies optimal sequencing, prioritization, and capital allocation scenarios to achieve development goals.

Flexible scenario planning empowers big pharma to stress test portfolios against dynamic market forces, regulatory landscapes, and evolving strategic priorities. Data-driven simulation uncovers potential failure points and surfaces mitigation plans. Portfolio-level governance hinges on confident decisions distilled from vast, disparate datasets.

For capital-efficient emerging biotech companies, decision analysis is equally crucial for judicious asset progression. Rigorous go/no-go decision models factor in regulatory viabilities, market opportunities, technical operations, clinical pathways and beyond. Quantifying uncertainties guides investment decisions on promising yet risky candidates versus de-prioritizing efforts with diminished returns. Comprehensive decision intelligence focuses limited resources on maximizing pipeline value.

Whether navigating expansive or niche portfolios, embedding sophisticated decision analytics into R&D and commercial processes elevates pharmaceutical strategy beyond qualitative instincts alone. Organizations integrating objective decision science realize accelerated growth and sustainable innovation.