AI-Powered Prediction Engines Provide Early Warnings for R&D, Clinical Trials, and Portfolio Risks

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AI-Powered Prediction Engines Provide Early Warnings for R&D, Clinical Trials, and Portfolio Risks.

Empower your teams with the power of accurate data-driven-decision-making with effortless transition from Business Intelligence to Artificial Intelligence.

Research & Development Intelligence

Is your competitive intelligence team spending more time researching, and less in predicting R&D threats and opportunities? Give them the power of AI and slash their research time by 90% (check out case study below)! Our robust AI-powered Early Warning System (EWS) can filter and sort unwanted noise from your databases, surfacing the most pertinent information for your queries and into a collaborative platform to inform strategic decisions. Result- you can now predict competitive events accurately and act more decisively on medicine investments.

A Portfolio EWS provides probabilistic visibility into your portfolio events composition, empowering your portfolio leaders to mitigate portfolio risks and maximize value. Be it communicating early insights for capacity planning, better forecasting commercial scenario probabilities, or monitoring the effects of competitive and regulatory events on portfolio, this solution can take your basic analytics to predictive analytics with comprehensive visuals to enable data-driven- decision-making.

Risk Managed Portfolio Intelligence

Clinical Trial Intelligence

Clinical Trial

EWS is trained to analyze your vast clinical trials data and provide insights into future risks, and uncertainties. Once deployed, it can analyze complex data set trends to provide alerts and early warnings on trial recruitment performance and insights to identify potential risks to key study delivery milestones. The solution is flexible to be customized to your business needs.

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Our Breakthroughs with AI/ML


Pharma invests in game theory to predict competitive events and act more decisively on medicine investments

A global pharma giant was looking to make their competitive Intelligence agile, and with less manual intervention.

Our Breakthroughs with AI/ML


Using AI, a pharma giant contains inventory cost overruns by achieving 95% accuracy in drug dosage predictions

A global pharma giant was struggling with manual processes to predict the drug dosage inventory needed for clinical trials and other drug studies at various sites.

Our Breakthroughs with AI/ML


A global pharma company saves time and improves the success of clinical trial protocols using AI and ML

A global pharmaceutical company clinical trials department was putting in a lot of manual effort in monitoring significant quality events (SQEs’).

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