Strategy and Consulting

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Driving alignment between science and business

We help accelerate innovation by helping R&D decision makers in life sciences organizations optimize their portfolio, support the commercial viability of the pipeline, and drive alignment with corporate strategy.

Our strategy and consulting offerings help you overcome barriers to R&D success, such as focus on short term trade-offs that derail long-term organizational growth, concessions arising due to lack of data visibility into the asset pipeline, answering what-if scenarios confidently. Our domain and technology expertise can help you shorten innovation cycles, project R&D accountability, and avoid “safe” projects that deter the organization from pursuing high-value therapeutics that enable portfolio leadership. 

Our expertise spans strategic portfolio management, R&D portfolio management, portfolio decision analytics. We have helped R&D leaders make more confident clinical and business decisions by helping them identify and develop differentiated offerings, prioritize pipelines as per strategic roadmaps, compare portfolio scenarios, while delivering transformative value. 

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Strategic Portfolio Management

i2e’s strategic portfolio management services help portfolio decision makers avoid debilitating short term trade offs to prioritize projects that maximize pipeline and organizational value. 

R&D Portfolio Management

Our domain experts integrate strategic R&D goals and horizon planning to develop empirical simulation models that can demonstrate probabilities of success for various assets in the R&D portfolio. 

Portfolio Decision Analytics

Our capabilities in predictive analytics help R&D executives drive portfolio value management to identify right optimizations for portfolio growth. Our domain experts help uncover performance insights by leveraging scenario and sensitive analyses, data visualization, while creating a more transparent R&D portfolio and enabling cross-functional collaboration. 

Medical Affairs

Medical Affairs teams are increasingly looked at to provide not just scientific insights but strategic leadership as well. The role of Medical Affairs is beyond interacting with provider, payers, and patients segments. It is also about novel interventions such as applying AI to clinical trials, digital HCP interactions, leveraging machine learning in field medical interventions.