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Accelerate scientific agility with Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint Consulting

Whether it is business process automation or integration, we can assist at any stage of SharePoint solution planning to optimize life sciences workflows. With over a decade of experience in optimizing SharePoint for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, we understand your need for seamless collaboration, process automation, and data security. Our consultants can assess your environment, develop a strategic roadmap aligned to your business objectives, advise on architecture and governance best practices, and provide ongoing support to maximize ROI. With our guidance, SharePoint can transform the way your teams work to accelerate drug development and commercialization.

SharePoint Implementation & Customization

Life sciences organizations deal with intricate workflows and data structures. Our SharePoint customization services go beyond the standard configurations, allowing you to adapt SharePoint to the specific needs of your organization. Whether it is integrating your CTMS or CRM, talk to us to enhance collaboration, streamline document management, and ensure data integrity with our tailored SharePoint solutions for life sciences.

SharePoint Migration Services

Migrating data in the life sciences industry requires precision and minimal downtime. Our SharePoint migration services facilitate a seamless transition, ensuring that your critical data is moved securely and efficiently. Whether upgrading to the latest SharePoint version or consolidating data from multiple sources, we operate with the mandate to minimize disruptions to your operations.

SharePoint Integration

Life sciences organizations rely on a multitude of applications for various functions. Our SharePoint integration services enable seamless interoperability between SharePoint and your existing clinical and business applications. Integrate data effortlessly, streamline processes, and enhance collaboration across your clinical and business ecosystem for comprehensive insights and improved decision-making.

SharePoint Support & Maintenance

Downtime is not an option for leaders in life sciences. Our dedicated support and maintenance services for SharePoint ensure continuous performance, allowing your team to focus on delivering impactful insights. From troubleshooting issues to implementing updates and enhancements, our support team is committed to keeping your SharePoint environment running smoothly.

Some of our Custom SharePoint Solutions


Custom Migrations

Looking to migrate to SharePoint? We specialize in meticulous data migration, ensuring secure transition from legacy systems to SharePoint. Regulatory compliant, scalable, and tailored for the industry.


Document Management
Systems (DMS)

SharePoint is an excellent solution for secure sharing and collaboration of sensitive documents. We helped many large and small life science build secured document management systems to store research documents, clinical trial data, regulatory filings and more.


Collaboration Portal

Collaboration is key when it comes to life sciences projects owing to their lengthy timelines. Our team of experts have helped pharma and biotech companies achieve seamless communication, team collaboration, and knowledge sharing using SharePoint.


Workflow automation

Our custom SharePoint solutions coupled with Power Automate helped scientists and other stakeholders to automate approval workflows for drug development, regulatory, and data validation.


Search and document retrieval

We helped clients in achieving operational efficiencies by developing advanced search functionalities within SharePoint. This helped them to save time in retrieval of documents, research papers, and project data.

choose us?

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, and our team of Sharepoint consultants, architects and developers have 15+ years of experience in implementing Sharepoint services that improve information managagement and governance.


i2e Consulting has over 15+ years of experience in solving collaboration, information management and automation problems of the life sciences organizations. We successfully deployed document management systems, collaborative and governance portals for clinical trials and R&D departments. 

Our team of experts have a deep understanding of the life sciences industry’s technological landscape and workflows. We also have experience in executing integrations while adhering to the regulatory and data compliance restrictions. 

Our dedicated support team is well-versed in the unique challenges faced by the pharma and life sciences industry. Our team also carries the experience in stake holder interviews, change management and contributing to the user adaptation to the custom solutions. 


Data Security Matters: Best Practices for Safeguarding Information in SharePoint Implementation

The sensitive nature of the data involved, and the complexity of operations in the life sciences sector makes governance and data security vital. 

SharePoint and Teams in Modern Workplace Collaboration

The events of 2020 have accelerated cloud adoption by many folds, and we are moving towards a future where cloud is not a good to have but rather the default solution. 

Integrating Power BI to SharePoint

Are you a SharePoint user? Do you use Power BI? Ever thought of leveraging Power BI to SharePoint? Well, if you fall into any or all the above categories, you have come to the right place.