A highly secured Document Management System with Automated workflows and User role-based permissions.


Business Case

The client, faced with the challenge of managing and securing its documents effectively, seeks a reliable Document Management System (DMS) solution. The current methods lack the necessary security measures and organization, leading to potential risks and inefficiencies in document handling. 

The client requires a DMS that ensures the highest level of document security while remaining cost-effective. The client expects i2e to develop a DMS solution that revolutionizes its document management practices, enhancing security, efficiency, and productivity across the organization.

Our Solution

To address the client’s need for a restrictive yet user-friendly Document Management System (DMS), our experts devised a comprehensive solution aimed at enhancing document security, simplifying administration, and improving accountability. 

The solution ensures top-level document security through robust encryption and access controls, augmented by Information Rights Management (IRM), requiring re-authentication for highly confidential documents. 

We streamlined admin tasks by creating three user groups with different permissions. Comprehensive tracking allows monitoring document access and modifications, enhancing accountability and revealing usage patterns. 

We developed a solution for seamless DocuSign integration, managing conflicts with Information Rights Management. Print/download access is limited to top management, with universal digital signature access.

Challenges Overcome

  • Balancing the client's need for stringent data security within a restrictive SharePoint environment posed a challenge. Integrating external applications like DocuSign while maintaining the security of the SharePoint environment required careful consideration and implementation.
  • Addressing conflicts between DocuSign, used for digital signatures, and the Information Rights Management (IRM) Library, aimed at higher security, to prevent potential security breaches.


  • No additional licensing costs incurred due to existing Microsoft Office 365 membership, resulting in reduced development expenses compared to market alternatives.
  • Freedom to customize the solution without rigid constraints or recurring costs, unlike expensive market software.
  • Enhanced document security with digital signatures and restricted print/download access, ensuring confidentiality even if documents are shared.
  • Comprehensive tracking of document access and actions taken by users, facilitating detailed auditing for accountability and compliance purposes.
  • Organized folder structures enable efficient document retrieval through search functionality, enhancing user productivity and ease of access.