A highly secured Document Management System with Automated workflows and User role-based permissions.

Client :
ACG - Inspection

Industry : Pharmaceutical

Duration : 21 Days

Security is one of the most important parameter in today’s world especially Pharmaceutical companies who deal with highly confidential data. Our customer was keen to take some drastic changes in order to improve their QMS and therefore approached us to build a highly secured and a configurable document management system.

Business Case

  • The Client was in need of a reliable Document Management System which would safeguard all its documents with highest security and should be cost effective.
  • Every document should be approved with a Digital signature by the concerned authorities defined for the document to move ahead in the hierarchy and it should be tracked as well.
  • To safeguard the documents’ confidentiality, Client requested Admin control over role based user permissions for the users and restricting some to perform certain actions like print and download
  • Create organized folder structures for various department to access and retrieve documents easily.
  • Even though SharePoint is web based collaborative environment, the client requested the System to be restrictive as the data needed to be very highly secured.
  • that maintaining security of the application while integrating external app with SharePoint
  • DocuSign app was used for Digital Signature but Information Right Management (IRM) Library was implemented for higher security; however, DocuSign being an external app was conflicting with IRM and was open to security breach.
  • As the system needed to be restrictive, our experts developed an approach where the data was highly secured.
  • To keep it simple for Admin, we created 3 groups with different permissions. Through Admin Dashboard, Users could be added or removed from respective groups.
  • To increase the security IRM was implemented where user had to sign in again to view highly confidential documents.
  • To analyze usage and track accountability, admin can monitor who accessed the documents and modifications made if any.
  • To avoid Information Right Management library conflicting with the flow of DocuSign app, we created a solution where print and download access of the documents will be assigned to the requested 1% of the top management team. So basically Digital Signature feature was assigned to all the users whereas print and download access was given to specified admin users.

Cost Effective

Since the Client was already a member of Microsoft Office 365, no additional Licensing cost was levied on the Company. Therefore, the cost of the development of the application was less than the tools available in the market.


The Software available in the market were highly expensive with recurring cost and rigid when it comes to customization.

Increased Security

Now, every Document could be digitally signed but print and download access was given only to dedicated admin users. Even if those admin users download and then send it to any other user, a security key is asked to other user thereby enhancing the security of the documents.


The Company can track the document which user has accessed and what action was taken. This helps the companies to know even the minor changes done in the document.

Structured Folder

By creating organized folder structures, it became extremely easy for the users to retrieve any document by search function from the entire application.

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