BI dashboards

Actionable analytics for strategic commercial decisions.

Do more with less data.

With our BI dashboards, you can detect early warning signs, optimize resource allocation, forecast more accurately, and respond quickly to market changes. Our flexible delivery models allow you to leverage BI either as a managed service or self-service software.  

We understand that regular dashboards may not be able to meet the requirements of a large, globally distributed team, hence we have flexibility and customization built into our offering. We help your teams go beyond basic metrics by leveraging statistical modeling, predictive analytics, and machine learning algorithms to surface key trends, relationships and opportunities hidden within your data. Users can easily filter and segment KPIs by business unit, product, region, customer type and more to gain targeted insights that inform strategic planning. 



Empower your commercial teams by providing them with vital insights to drive decision making. Robust permissions and access controls ensure alignment with your business needs and compliance standards.



Get actionable insights for any metric at a click, be it performance vs targets for revenues, market share, or messaging effectiveness. Isolate and diagnose root causes to drive remedial actions. Access analytics that empower your teams to make data-driven decisions on-the-go.



You get operational visibility across your commercial operations through visually intuitive, interactive dashboards. KPIs can be monitored in real-time across dimensions like products, HCP engagement, and sales channels.