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Our Planisware PPM consulting services provide end-to-end assistance for businesses aiming to optimize project success. From thorough needs assessment to meticulous implementation planning, configuration, data migration, change management, and continuous improvement, our experienced team ensures seamless integration and ongoing guidance. 

Where are you in your Planisware journey? 

i2e Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of services to support businesses at every stage of their Planisware journey. From initial evaluation and implementation to scaling up, integration, analytics, AI, and ongoing service management, our experienced team ensures seamless alignment with your business objectives. 

PPM Analytics

Planisware is an integrated solution providing a comprehensive view of budgets, forecasts, resources, and actuals for all your projects. This data holds valuable insights which can help in accurate project and portfolio planning. Our PPM experts can also guide you in creating out-of-the-box functionalities within Planisware to create reports and dashboards that matter. 

IT-PPM setup 

We specialize in empowering IT projects with cutting-edge Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions and best practices. Through strategic road mapping, solution design, process optimization, and comprehensive training, we ensure seamless efficiency and unparalleled business impact for your IT initiatives. 

Version upgrade testing 

i2e Consulting offers comprehensive Planisware version upgrade testing services designed to ensure a smooth and risk-free transition. With a focus on minimizing disruptions, reducing overhead costs, and empowering informed decision-making, our systematic approach guarantees data-driven peace of mind. 

Change management

Our change management experts are here to offer comprehensive change management services for organizations adopting Planisware, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing the benefits of the platform. With a focus on stakeholder engagement, training, feedback mechanisms, and continuous improvement, our approach drives successful adoption and long-term success. 

Consulting and Configuring

We are well versed in end-to-end Planisware configuration. From project planning to optimizing Planisware for your business needs, our experts can help you experience a smooth transition. We also cater to prerequisite requirements such as data transformation migration, and integration. Our experts can also assist with setting up out-of-the-box features with your business logic, design and run test cases to check compatibility.


Navigate a seamless transition with our specialized integration services tailored for the life science and pharma industry. Our expertise can help you to seamlessly integrate Planisware with existing systems, including third-party applications like Workday, Salesforce, SAP, and Oracle. Additionally, leverage our consulting services to design an efficient analytical pipeline, ensuring data-backed decision-making for optimal business outcomes. 


Our expertise spans workflow automation, seamless data integration, ETL processes, and the implementation of automated reporting mechanisms for real-time insights. We excel in enhancing tracking capabilities, ensuring improved project monitoring, and timely reporting. By leveraging our automation services, your organization can achieve unparalleled efficiency gains, reduce manual efforts, and make informed decisions with real-time data.

Analytics & AI

We specialize in optimizing Planisware’s analytical capabilities, delivering tailored insights for pharma companies. Our expertise extends to establishing centralized operational databases, ensuring seamless data utilization across diverse applications. Leveraging advanced data processing tools, we facilitate the creation of a robust reporting environment, enabling effortless data exchange with Planisware and other systems. Our seasoned professionals guide clients in implementing predictive analytics, building ML & NLP capabilities, and crafting an embedded analytics framework around Planisware.

Technical Assistance

From basic user inquiries (L1) to in-depth technical problem-solving (L3), our team of experts are dedicated to resolving issues promptly, ensuring that your Planisware experience is uninterrupted and optimized. Our team excels in bug analysis and tracking, ensuring that identified issues are not only fixed promptly but also documented and communicated effectively with the Planisware development and business teams. Our services include meticulous management of master data, overseeing data processing, and integrating with Planisware and other relevant data sources. Our team also specializes in ensuring the Planisware interface seamlessly supports your evolving business needs. For organizations utilizing on-premises server configurations, we offer comprehensive assitance in configuration and maintenance.

Planisware Orchestra

Planisware Orchestra is a robust, centralized platform for project planning and seamless collaboration. It is the perfect digital PPM tool for the SMEs to streamline their project management and incorporate industry standards to achieve a transparent and successful project execution.

Planisware Enterprise

Planisware Enterprise stands out as the premier choice for enterprise project management, offering a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates planning, execution, and optimization. With its robust features, including portfolio management, resource optimization, and real-time collaboration , Planisware Enterprise empowers organizations to efficiently navigate complex projects.

Version Upgrade Testing

We specialize in ensuring a seamless transition with our comprehensive Planisware upgrade testing services. Our expert team meticulously analyzes your system, designs and conducts thorough tests to guarantee a smooth and error-free upgrade process. With a focus on precision and efficiency, we safeguard your operations, minimizing disruptions while maximizing the benefits of the latest Planisware enhancements. Trust us for a flawless upgrade experience tailored to your business needs. 

Planisware®  Reporting Bundle

Packaged solution for different business needs

As a global Planisware partner, we are aware of the common concerns our customers face, and Planisware reporting bundle is just the thing you need. View your entire portfolio and slice and dice information for better insights. This bundle has been specifically designed to address concerns and streamline reporting across the organization.

Planisware Data Extractor

Planisware Data Extractor facilitates users to retrieve real-time data from applications, so one need not go to a report every time they need information.


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