Medical Affairs

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Leveraging analytics to elevate medical strategy

Medical Affairs teams are increasingly looked at to provide not just scientific insights but strategic leadership as well. The role of Medical Affairs is beyond interacting with provider, payers, and patients segments. It is also about novel interventions such as applying AI to clinical trials, digital HCP interactions, leveraging machine learning in field medical interventions.

i2e’s offerings in Medical Affairs help you to not just drive medical strategy and medical communications but drive medical organization excellence.



Leveraging analytics to elevate medical strategy

Strategy: Refine your medical strategy mission, tap into science, evidence, and analytics to influence early development, drive awareness during pre-launch phase, and support Continuing Medical Education (CME) throughout post-launch phase.


By leveraging advanced data analytics techniques, our medical strategy offering empowers life sciences organizations to make informed decisions, enhance patient outcomes, and drive value across the medical affairs function. Key components of our medical strategy offering include real-world evidence analytics, medical literature review, KOL engagement analytics, and competitive intelligence. Through real-world evidence analytics, medical affairs specialists can extract actionable insights from large-scale healthcare data sets, enabling them to identify treatment patterns, assess treatment effectiveness, and inform medical strategy decisions. 


Our medical literature review capabilities enable pharmaceutical companies to stay updated with the latest scientific research and clinical findings, facilitating evidence-based decision-making and supporting medical affairs initiatives. Additionally, our KOL engagement analytics solution helps pharmaceutical companies identify and prioritize key opinion leaders, optimize engagement strategies, and build collaborative relationships to drive medical strategy success. Furthermore, our competitive intelligence offering provides pharmaceutical companies with actionable insights into competitor activities, market trends, and emerging therapies, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on opportunities in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.


Evidence-based decision making

Deliver practice changing data by embedding analytics into your clinical development planning with insights validating disease area to support the ongoing management of evidence-generation plans. Through advanced analytics and evidence-based methodologies, we empower pharmaceutical companies to navigate complex regulatory landscapes, inform clinical trial designs, and optimize treatment strategies.


Our medical evidence offering encompasses a range of capabilities, including real-world evidence analysis, systematic literature reviews, and comparative effectiveness research. By harnessing real-world data from Electronic Health Records (EHRs), claims databases, and other sources, we enable medical teams to generate robust evidence on treatment outcomes, safety profiles, and healthcare utilization patterns. Our medical evidence analytics solution provides a comprehensive platform to harmonize evidence from diverse sources into a unified knowledge repository. This enables commercial and medical affairs teams to rapidly generate insights for regulatory submissions, scientific communications, field force enablement, and strategic planning.


Additionally, our systematic literature reviews provide a rigorous synthesis of existing research findings, helping medical teams to identify gaps in evidence, assess the quality of available studies, and make informed decisions about product development and market access strategies. At the core is a flexible data fabric intelligently mapping and integrating structured and unstructured data across publications, real-world evidence sources, existing knowledge bases, and more. Automated pipelines streamline evidence curation and enrichment.


Furthermore, our comparative effectiveness research capabilities enable medical teams to evaluate the relative effectiveness and safety of different treatment options, supporting value-based decision-making and enhancing patient care.


Orchestrating personalized scientific exchange for better HCP engagement

Medical affairs teams require sophisticated capabilities to orchestrate impactful scientific exchange. However, disconnected processes, channel proliferation, and limited data insights inhibit delivering truly personalized experiences at scale.

Our medical affairs analytics solution provides a comprehensive platform to elevate HCP engagement through intelligent omnichannel coordination and rich customer intelligence. By unifying interaction data across personal, non-personal, and digital touchpoints, medical teams gain a longitudinal record of each HCP’s preferences, interests, and needs.

Granular analytics illuminate HCP behaviors, sentiments, and influence networks – fueling AI-powered models to precisely segment audiences and map hyper-personalized journeys. Prescriptive analytics guide optimal channel mix, content strategy, and cadence customized per segment. Medical science liaisons (MSLs) receive powerful insights and next-best-action recommendations for tailored scientific exchange in the field.

Automated content annotation extracts clinical depth from publications and data sources, ensuring medical and scientific integrity. AI assists knowledge synthesis to rapidly generate on-label, scientifically substantiated messaging tailored to each HCP’s interests and questions.

Multi-channel attribution illuminates medical touchpoint influences on HCP behavior change, treatment practices, and patient outcomes tracked against engagement objectives. Predictive models foresee potential gaps in scientific understanding to proactively address.

Visual dashboards empower teams to monitor engagement performance and refine tactics. Machine learning algorithms continually optimize through interaction feedback loops. Insights are easily disseminated to cross-functional commercial partners to harmonize overarching brand strategies.

With analytics fueling personalized, consultative interactions, medical affairs can efficiently cultivate HCP relationships grounded in science. Unify personal and digital channels into cohesive, impactful engagements at scale.