Business development and licensing

Powering partnerships with
data-driven deal insights.

Accelerate alliances, growth, opportunities.

i2e’s BD & Licensing (BD&L) offerings help BD&L decision makers take the right decisions right from evaluating high-value licensing opportunities to identifying potential acquisition targets, conducting business and product due diligence. 

Leveraging real-world data and predictive modeling, we quantify unmet needs to highlight indications with significant commercial potential. We forecast peak sales, develop pricing scenarios, and assess competitive dynamics to value assets and enhance deal structuring. 

To articulate asset value, our analytics inform the development of compelling target product profiles and partnering materials, quantifying clinical differentiation and strategic market fit. 

We identify optimal partners through proprietary company matching algorithms and payer/KOL sentiment analysis. Our data quantifies potential synergy based on portfolio fit, risk tolerance, and capabilities. Prioritized outreach is enabled through target company briefings with clinical, commercial, and deal rationale insights. 

With our end-to-end solutions approach, BD teams can focus efforts on high-potential indications, assets, and partners to enhance pipeline expansion. We turn real-world evidence into actionable data to support evaluation, forecasting, packaging, outreach, and negotiations. 

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Indication and Asset Prioritization

The ability to separate the most promising prospects from other less favourable ones is a key competitive edge. i2e helps align asset prioritization with core organizational capabilities, organizational risk tolerance, alignment with complimentary assets, guided by optimizing for higher probability of success. 

Forecasting and valuation

BD&L teams need to accurately value assets and forecast potential returns to strengthen their negotiating positions and improve chances of deal-making success. Our solutions leverage real-world data, predictive analytics, and financial modeling to provide data-driven forecasts and valuations. 

Target Product Profile (TPP) & Partnering Package Preparation

An integrated and cross-functionally developed Target Product Profile (TPP) facilitates strategic product go/no-go decision making along the development pathway at the different stage gates, minimizes risk, and improves contingency planning. Our TPP offering enables business development teams to optimize TPPs to articulate clinical value, enhance asset positioning, and align to strategic needs. 

Partner identification and reach out

Selecting the right partners is critical for pharma business development and licensing teams seeking to drive pipeline growth through value-creating deals. However, with multiple influencing variables externally and internally, it is challenging to identify the ideal targets with the highest strategic fit and shared value potential. Accelerated deadlines further complicate partner prioritization before outreach.