Market access

Unlocking market access with
real-world evidence and insights

Drive market access excellence through insights and intelligence.

Our market access solutions help you drive more effective product launches, with recommendations for pricing, contracting, and reimbursement strategies built in with real-world data and analytics. We help you build evidence from claims data, EMR records, and specialty datasets linking your therapy to improved health outcomes and cost savings. 

We help you quantify the budget impact and develop clinical value proposition to drive successful payer negotiations. Our market modeling and forecasting services help project population disease burden, treatment dynamics, and estimated budgetary impact for various scenarios. Our advanced analytics and modelling frameworks help you identify optimal pricing scenarios, predict regional formulary access, and develop messaging that resonates with payers. You can assess competitive landscape and advise on contracting tactics and channel mix to maximize market share. Our post-launch services include support for tracking prescription trends, treatment adherence, and real-world outcomes to support continued access and positive reimbursement. 


Market access strategy

We help you drive your market access strategy from clinical development to post-patent expiry across diverse disease areas, market characteristics, regulatory guidelines. Whether it is payer contracting, developing a patient support strategy or healthcare policy impact assessments, our market access program helps you communicate therapy value to all stakeholders with data, expertise and technology. 


Value Development

Create a compelling therapy value proposition, leveraging evidence generation planning, market intelligence to create comprehensive evidence roadmaps.  



Leverage i2e’s proprietary methodology and domain expertise to answer what-if scenarios. Shorten time-to-analysis by modelling critical market access questions that determine gross-to-net conversion. Analyse impact of complex contract and pricing changes in days, not months. 


Decision support

Right from driving effective negotiations with payers and providers, developing an overarching pricing architecture, to product specific pricing strategy, leverage our decision support to drive consensus on cost impact and benefits between regional offices and country systems.