Marketing and digital services

Unlocking marketing growth with data-driven strategies

Navigating success through innovation and industry expertise.

Whether it is about building cohesive messaging platforms powered by patient insights or developing an analytics dashboards tracking HCP targeting, our solutions are designed to support agile decision making. Our augmented intelligence tools guide you for developing content, personalization, attribution and engagement across the entire lifecycle. 


Market research

Leverage audience intelligence and discovery (HCP and patient), channel modelling and execution to power the right strategy using our AI-led market research services. 


Market and channel strategy

Choose the right elements in the promotional mix to drive revenue, align internal teams, and gain market traction. Our statistical models help you optimize your campaigns to find the right channel mix, creative personalization, and monitor spend allocation. 


Campaigns and monitoring

Create multiple digital touchpoints based on audience data, powered by intelligent targeting and personalization. 


Engagement and experience

Use analytics, expertise, and insights to drive more productive physician engagement programs, CME interventions.