Give your Competitive Intelligence team the right intel

Grab that competitive advantage

i2e’s competitive intelligence suite is a rapid deployment solution and related services to equip your competitive intelligence team with valuable insights from your recommended databases and industry specific public domains.

Our Competitive Intelligence solution and services can help get insights from the vast drug development and market data to get a complete picture of your competitor's landscape, market trends and predict their impact on your portfolio.


Enhance Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions

Monitor competitors across multiple attributes such as therapeutic area, molecule type, mechanism of action, etc.

Gather insights to identify synergies between partner companies

Understand combined operational metrics or risks involved

Identify prospects for fruitful mergers and acquisitions

Improve R & D outcomes

Track industry failures and prevent from repeating similar errors

View competitor clinical studies outcomes and track study completion dates

Get news alerts across clinical, commercial and regulatory events of competitors

Stay updated with the latest breakthrough therapies

Prepare to explore new markets

Measure viability of new markets and emerging economies

Estimate the challenges and opportunities in new markets

Grab insights to create strategies to penetrate markets

Drug Portfolio Management

Stay updated with the latest trends to build a strong pipeline of drugs

Attune your portfolio to the current and future market scenarios

Strengthen marketing and commercialization

Better understanding of the market for accurate drug positioning

Awareness of the competitor’s promotional activities

Stay ahead of competition to prepare an effective brand strategy

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Peter Green

VP Analytics

Peter has 18 years of experience in pharmaceutical data and analytics, specifically in R&D project and portfolio management. Ask Peter about digital data analytics strategies and technologies.