Indication and Asset Prioritization

Strategic prioritization for
high-value opportunities.

Accelerating success through smart prioritization

We enable BD&L teams to identify, evaluate, and prioritize the most promising indications and assets to license or acquire 



Identification of highlifecycle value candidates, analysis of clinical and commercial viability through meta-analysis, modeling, and simulation. Our approach quantifies potential value considering development costs, regulatory risks, reimbursement exposure, and competitive landscape evolution. 



We help you develop and communicate compelling clinical differentiation and commercial analytics to maximize deal value. Our domain experts and proprietary algorithms also inform target pricing scenarios and design of value-based contracts.



BD teams can zero in on the right indications and assets to expand pipelines and portfolios. We turn real-world evidence into actionable insights, forecasts, and risk analyses that objectively prioritize opportunities. This enhances deal sourcing and evaluation while optimizing capital allocation.