Project Portfolio Management Life Sciences

Project Portfolio Management is the heart and soul of a business.

How well are you managing it?

Owing to the complexity of project management in the life sciences industry, it is crucial for the project managers to keep it all together.

Life science projects cost millions of dollars and run for longer durations. Accurate decisions regarding priorities and allocations become pivotal for overall success, and digital PPM solutions can help a great deal.

Small and medium-sized biotech companies and large enterprises have different needs, and digital PPM solutions can accommodate both.

Smaller wins and bigger gains for the Biotech SMEs

  • Accurate project selection = projects aligned with strategic goals
  • Clear project visibility = informed decision making
  • Improved collaboration = on-time project delivery
Planisware PPM Life Sciences
Portfolio Management Life Sciences

More than just digitalized Project Management for the Life Science Enterprise

  • Portfolio prioritization = execute the right project in the right time
  • Resource Management = Maximize allocation and align skillsets
  • Reports and analytics = portfolio wide visibility

i2e Consulting has 15+ years of experience in helping global life sciences companies in adopting digital PPM solutions. Our premium partnerships with Planisware and Project Online helped us in delivering top-notch partnership services. Our team is also well-versed in data management, building dashboards, and providing consulting services for PPM process.

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