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Why 85% of Fortune 500 companies use Azure?

Microsoft Azure aims to provide a wide range of cloud services, analytics, storage, and networking. It also allows the flexibility for the users to handpick and select services essential to develop an entirely new application or run the existing application, directly in the public cloud.


Move Your Data to Cloud with Azure

Azure offers numerous cloud computing services. However, moving to the cloud can be overwhelming as there are plenty of variables to consider. We at i2e offer seamless and efficient migration of your data to the cloud. With minimal reconfiguration of existing on-premises environment you can harness the power of cloud computing.

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Get Guaranteed Security of Your Data

Microsoft Azure is the pioneer in adopting the new International Standards for cloud security. It is based on Security Development Lifecycle, which ensures your data is safe and secured on the cloud. It may be noted that Microsoft Azure was the first cloud service approved by European Union’s data protection authorities. When it comes to Microsoft Azure, rest assured your data is secured.


Experience Serverless

With Microsoft Azure, all infrastructure concerns are taken care of. You can easily scale up and the best part you pay for what you need. Our experts at i2e develop applications for the cloud which are optimized for online use and provide great user experience.

Develop Intelligent Applications with Cognitive API

We at i2e offer intelligent Application development with Microsoft Azure cognitive services. This service enables users to integrate certain algorithms into websites, apps and bots. As a result, websites can hear, speak, understand and interpret user needs through natural methods of communication. We help organization harness the power of AI.


Make Forecasting Easier

Azure offers predictive analysis tools that can help organizations with financial and demand forecasting. We at i2e expertise in offering solutions for organizations with large set of data. This helps unload a huge burden from the business analyst who can then concentrate on the more creative and business aspect of the forecasting.

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