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We built solutions that helped global life science companies achieve efficiency across the drug development life cycle.

Check out a few sample solutions we built for some renowned global life sciences companies

Risk Predictions

A global pharma company was struggling with manual processes in identifying significant quality events (SQE) in clinical trials. We designed an ML powered automated email system and gave them an algorithm which could predict the reoccurrence probability of SQE events in new and existing protocols.

Planisware Embedded Analytics

Our Planisware expertise helped us in customizing Planisware to embed Power BI into Planisware to create a one stop solution for reporting and visualization. Result- They could reap the benefits of both Planisware and Power BI without constantly switching between two applications. We also customized Planisware to build other modules that streamlined their operations. 

Drug Dosage Inventory Predictions

We helped a global pharma giant achieve operational efficiencies with our ML models. The model was trained to predict the drug dosage inventory required at the clinical sites with 95% accuracy. The model was also able to predict the best possible geographical route to get the drug considering cost and drug expiry dates. 

These are some of the solutions, if you have a specific business problem, let us know and we can create the best optimal solution.

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