US Aramco achieved 65% increase in productivity using PPM solution and embedded analytics 

CLIENT: Aramco Americas




DURATION: 7 months

Business Case

Aramco is a leading producer of energy and chemicals products, one of its subsidiaries in the US carries out research and development in petrochemical manufacturing. They implemented Planisware in their R&D, budgeting, and Purchase orders departments to streamline their processes.

Aramco US approached i2e Consulting to assist in the customization of Planisware in order to fulfill their business needs. Our team was quick to understand their requirements and designed various modules and workflows within Planisware. As a result, Aramco was able to link project milestones to orders, streamline some of their R&D operations, manage their HSE incidents and keep track of their KPIs.

The client also wanted to go for a third-party reporting tool for better user experience and extensive reports. They wanted this tool to be embedded within Planisware, so the users need not go elsewhere to generate reports.


  • Collating the information which was in different versions and spread across many departments
  • Customizing Planisware to suit the specific business requirements.
  • Integrating Power BI into Planisware such that the reports are generated within Planisware.
  • Exporting required data from Planisware and making it available for Power BI.



US Aramco had certain business specific requirements, and our team was able to configure various modules within Planisware to fulfill their needs.
Some of the modules we created for US Aramco include:

  • Instrument Management Module- This module helped the R&D department to modify the workflow process of instrument usage across the company. This module allowed users to request a particular instrument from the owner. The team also created an overview page to show the usage report of all instruments.
  • HSE Management Module-Aramco was able to report and track their HSE (Health, Safety Environment) incidents through this module. It also consisted of a dashboard to have an overview of all the HSE incidents.
  • Key Performance Indicator Module- We collated all their KPIs which included technologies, milestones, publications, journals etc. Our team modified the existing KPIs to suit their business needs and brought it under one single module.
  • Embedded analytics - The team was able to integrate Power BI into Planisware, as a result the users were able to generate comprehensive reports within Planisware.


  • Management was able to keep a track of the R&D operations.
  • The company could report and maintain their HSE incidents.
  • All the KPIs were stored and maintained at one place.
  • Extensive reports with a smooth interface without much manual interference.
  • Expert Planisware support and maintenance with minimal intervention from stakeholders.
  • No additional licensing costs involved as Power BI comes with O365 subscription.

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