Unlock the power of AI in life sciences with our Dataiku Partnership services

We partnered with Dataiku to help global life science businesses leverage AI and ML in data management and advanced analytics.


Drug Transfer Recommendations

Developed and trained an ML-powered algorithm which can predict future demand of the drug dosages at the regional depots taking into consideration complex influencing factors such as subject visitations, enrollments, inventory availability. The algorithm is also trained to predict the most optimal transportation route based on the expiry date of the drug. Thus, saving time and cost escalations. 

Risk Predictions for Clinical Trials

A machine learning algorithm has been expertly trained to analyze extensive historical clinical trial data, enabling the prediction of the likelihood of significant quality events (SQEs) in both new and established protocols.  

Early Warning System

An NLP-powered solution that delivers the most trusted market insights to subject matter experts (SMEs) by meticulously sorting and filtering research papers. This solution is designed for agility, providing not only primary results but also secondary and tertiary search outcomes, ensuring precision in predictions.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Developing analytics pipeline from extracting business and project data from platforms like Planisware, Salesforce, SharePoint, etc., to delivering real-time insights through metrics dashboards using data visualization tools such as Power BI, Spotfire, Tableau, and more. 


Reduction in the
reoccurrence of SQEs

Increase in clinical trial

Reduction in
research time

Reduction in delays in
drug transfer recommendation


Understand the
business problem

Identify the best possible solution aligning with the business goals

Develop and deploy
Dataiku’s advanced
AI/ML algorithms.

Being a premium Dataiku partner allowed us to provide cutting-edge solutions that help our clients stay ahead of the competition. Our expertise in Dataiku’s advanced machine learning algorithms enabled us to develop solutions for our client partners that deliver tangible business outcomes, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced risk, and cost savings.

Dataiku Planisware Connector

Using Planisware? our connector can get your project data from Planisware into Dataiku for quicker analysis and visualization.

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