R&D Portfolio Management

From ambiguity to clinical

Prioritizing R&D investments with insights

We prioritize top- and bottom-line metrics such as Likelihood of Approval (LOA) and Phase Transition Success Rate (PTSR) of a drug using proprietary ML models, while recommending strategies for value maximization. Our team of experts evaluate strategic deliverables right from opportunity identification, unmet needs, economic value of drug right down to the eNPV and commercialization costs. 




Integrating value assessment into R&D decision making

 Traditional R&D portfolio management often prioritizes scientific merit alone. Our value management approach expands the equation. We leverage advanced analytics to assess not just the scientific promise of your pipeline assets, but also their potential market value, regulatory hurdles, and real-world impact on patients. Our value management offerings encompass a range of capabilities, including portfolio optimization, risk assessment, and decision analytics. Through advanced analytics techniques and data-driven insights, we enable pharmaceutical companies to evaluate the value proposition of each project, identify opportunities for portfolio diversification and synergy, and make informed decisions about resource allocation and project prioritization.


Established companies face the challenge of balancing a diverse portfolio with limited resources. Our value management tools help prioritize projects with the highest potential for ROI by considering not just scientific merit, but also factors like market access and competitor landscape. This allows for efficient capital allocation and faster development of truly valuable therapies.


For emerging companies, value management is crucial for securing investment and achieving market success. We help them identify assets with strong scientific merit that address high unmet medical needs and offer favorable market opportunities. This empowers them to build a compelling value proposition and attract the resources needed to bring their innovations to patients.


Strategic insights through predictive analytics

By analyzing vast datasets – from clinical trial outcomes to market trends – our tools forecast the potential success of your pipeline assets. This foresight allows you to identify high-risk projects early on, optimize resource allocation, and prioritize those with the greatest chance of commercialization. Our predictive analytics offerings help you to identify and deprioritize projects with a low probability of success, freeing up resources for more promising candidates. It enables R&D leaders to streamline clinical trial processes by predicting potential issues early on, allowing for proactive adjustments and faster completion, helping them prioritize projects with the highest market potential based on predicted commercial viability and patient needs.


Big Pharma faces a constant pressure to maintain a robust pipeline while mitigating risks associated with late-stage failures. Our predictive analytics allow them to proactively manage potential development bottlenecks and make informed decisions about resource allocation. R&D leaders can leverage our predictive analytics to anticipate market shifts, competitor strategies, and regulatory hurdles. This proactive approach allows them to mitigate risks, adjust development timelines, and focus on projects with the most favorable future prospects.


Emerging pharma companies, often with limited resources, can benefit significantly from predictive insights. Our analytics can help them identify assets with high market potential and favorable regulatory pathways, ultimately increasing their chances of securing funding and achieving successful development.


Leveraging data-driven insights for strategic risk management

Managing risk across a complex R&D portfolio is critical yet challenging. With our R&D portfolio management solution, we empower pharma leaders with data-driven insights to navigate R&D risks and uncertainties. Our advanced analytics platform assesses your entire pipeline to reveal how each program stacks up on metrics like clinical trial success probability, market size, competitive landscape, and more. We then identify key risk factors – from safety concerns to indicator of efficacy – to determine the biggest threats to a program’s success. 


Our risk quantification models even forecast the likelihood and impact of various setbacks. Armed with these data-backed risk profiles, your team can proactively mitigate issues through improved trial designs or terminating high-risk, low-reward programs earlier. As risks evolve, our dynamic dashboard visualizations and alerts enable rapid response. With enhanced transparency into R&D risks, you can confidently align investments to balance risk versus return. Our portfolio management approach gives you the analytical rigor to make better R&D decisions and advance a robust pipeline that drives long-term value.


Our algorithms assess clinical trial data to quantify the likelihood of success at each development phase. We factor in potential safety signals, efficacy concerns, enrolment challenges, and more to determine risk levels for each asset. For higher risk programs, we advise adjusting development plans or considering termination. We also uncover pipeline gaps where new R&D investments should focus to balance risk across therapeutic areas and modalities. With our approach, you gain risk-adjusted visibility into your R&D investments. This enables decisions that spread risk appropriately for your organization’s unique needs and objectives. With our guidance, you can shift capital toward programs with the highest chance of technical and regulatory success. Our R&D portfolio management services empower you to make risk-aware choices that ultimately drive pipeline productivity.


Visualizing R&D portfolio insights for actionable intelligence

Effective R&D portfolio management requires synthesizing complex data into intuitive insights. That’s why our portfolio management offering includes advanced data visualization capabilities. Our interactive dashboards transform your pipeline data into clear visual narratives that promote understanding and guide decisions. We visualize clinical trial results, development timelines, risk levels, and investment requirements through interactive graphs, charts, and heat maps. Our systems integrate data from across your organization to create a holistic view of your portfolio. You can easily filter, sort, and analyze your programs based on therapeutic area, stage, modality, and other relevant attributes. Interactive modeling allows you to forecast how potential changes in resource allocation or development strategies could impact the portfolio. With a few clicks, you can see how terminating lower priority assets could free up funding for more promising programs. Our visualizations enable your team to grasp portfolio trade-offs and make optimal R&D decisions. With user-friendly reports, you gain at-a-glance visibility into the current state, risks, and potential of your pipeline investments.

Our advanced data visualization solution provides executive-level insights to optimize your pipeline assets. Our interactive dashboards synthesize clinical, commercial, and portfolio data into intuitive charts, graphs, and models. With just a few clicks, you can conduct scenario analysis to predict how re-allocation of resources can impact development timelines, costs, and probability of success. The system’s AI algorithms quantify development risk for each asset based on multivariate analysis of past programs. You’ll gain an objective, data-driven perspective on which assets to double down on and which may need to be re-evaluated or terminated. 

Our visually powerful approach transforms complex information into clear, actionable insights. This enables you to make swift, high-confidence decisions on re-balancing your portfolio to align to strategic imperatives. With real-time visibility into your pipeline’s risks, gaps, and potential, you can confidently lead your R&D organization towards maximized productivity and value. Our solution empowers you with the vision and foresight to drive transformative change.