About Power BI

Power BI is a business analytics solution, which helps visualize data and share insights across an organization or embed them in their app or website. This helps make informed decisions quickly by providing reporting tools that are easy to publish and share. Microsoft Power BI also provides the facility to integrate within the existing office apps like Excel, PowerPoint etc.

Get Data Insights with Dashboards

Power BI is a strong tool to create interactive visualizing Dashboards by building robust and reusable models. i2e helps businesses design Single-Dashboard or Multi-Dashboard architecture depending on their requirement. The Dashboard is created using multiple datasets giving a customized graphical view of the overall information. i2e Consulting empowers organizations, who are looking forward to incorporating Power BI. We are experts in providing insights to dynamic data, compiling the data into interactive visualization, assuring tips and tricks that provide better service to the customers, and eventually increasing the return of Investment.


Increase flexibility by Integrating API with Power BI

Our team helps you to use open, standards-based REST API to integrate your application or service with Power BI. The main aim of Integrating is that it delivers solutions quicker while focusing on your core value. We guide the organizations to explore the Q&A feature to explore the data using intuitive, natural language capabilities and receive answers in the form of charts and graphs.

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