Pats! - Elevating Employee Engagement Through a Microsoft Teams Integrated Recognition Platform


Business Case

Amidst the complexities introduced by the paradigm shift to remote work during the pandemic, our organization addressed the need for bolstering team engagement through the implementation of Pats!, a web application. 

Acknowledging that a substantial portion of the workforce dedicates significant time to Microsoft Teams, a strategic decision has been taken to craft a dedicated Microsoft Teams app for Pats!. The This initiative aims to optimize the impact on team engagement by seamlessly integrating Pats! into the existing Microsoft Teams environment. 

The objective is to overcome the adoption barriers and streamline the accessibility of Pats! through a familiar and widely used collaboration platform, fostering a more cohesive and engaged remote workforce.

Our Solution

We addressed this challenge by creating a multifaceted solution by leveraging the existing technological infrastructure and user preferences. 

To overcome low adoption rates, a strategic solution involves developing a Microsoft Teams app for Pats! This integration offers a seamless user experience within Microsoft Teams, reducing barriers and allowing users to transition effortlessly between collaboration and appreciation functionalities, fostering a cohesive and integrated approach. 

The technological framework of the Pats! web application, built on React JS for the frontend and PHP for the backend, establishes a robust foundation. Retaining Microsoft Single Sign-On ensures a seamless, user-friendly experience, minimizing effort and bolstering security for enhanced engagement. 

We have leveraged Microsoft Power BI to delivers comprehensive analytics. Using this, HR and Employee Engagement teams seamlessly access engagement reports, gaining valuable insights into team dynamics, appreciation trends, and overall engagement levels for informed decision-making and strategic enhancements. 

Pats! offers a unique social media-inspired platform for expressing appreciation through Pats and Badges. Redeemable Pats, incentivizing with gift cards, enhance user engagement.

Challenges Overcome

  • The low adoption rates of the web application Pats.
  • The absence of comprehensive analytics posed a challenge in gaining insights into team dynamics, appreciation trends, and overall engagement levels for strategic decision-making.


  • Seamless user experience within Microsoft Teams, facilitating effortless transitions between collaboration and appreciation functionalities.
  • Increased engagement with Microsoft Single Sign-On.
  • Data backed decision-making with the use of Power BI reporting.
  • Enhanced user engagement with redeemable Pats for gift cards creating a more rewarding and appreciative work environment.