Pandemic Preparedness Program with Focus on Healthcare Industry

Effective operations strategy during pandemic, would enable organizations to maintain uninterrupted manufacturing and supply of drugs, including lifesaving drugs to the end-users viz. patients, effectively.

On 11 June 2020 Thursday 7:00 PM IST

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Speaker Introduction

Madan Joshi
Director Strategic Business Development, Life Science Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (LSCPL a CONVALgroup Company)

I am a pharmaceutical professional with about 40 years of experience, having worked in almost all functions of pharmaceutical organization. My objective is to foster continuous Improvement in all the functions through the knowledge and wisdom I have gathered so far. Various positions held so far:-

  • Director Strategic Business Development LSCPL
  • Leader EHS, Asia Pacific, International Safety Systems, USA
  • Managing Director, Pfizer Division – Capsugel Healthcare Ltd.
  • Director Plant Operations, Pfizer Ltd.
  • Project & Plant Manager, Zandu Pharmaceuticals ltd.

Discussion panel

Timur Kabadayi,

MD, Convalgroup (Istanbul, Turkey)

Banu Refik,

Senior Consultant Quality, Convalgroup (Istanbul, Turkey)

This webinar discusses Pandemic Preparedness Program With Focus on Healthcare Industry

  • History and past scenarios of Influenza outbreaks (SARS, H1N1-2009, Ebola-2014, & current COVID-19) have always highlighted the sudden increase in demand of essential lifesaving drugs. This has always highlighted, how it is essential for Drug manufacturing organizations to remain agile in such crucial situation. During pandemic outbreak with great threat of hazard to work force; it is very essential for organizations to ensure vitality of all functions and operations while keeping security, health and safety at its prime paramount position.
  • Effective operational strategy during pandemic would enable organizations to maintain uninterrupted manufacturing and supply of drugs, including lifesaving drugs to the end users viz. patients, continuously.

What will you take away from the session?

  • Proactive approach towards pandemic and due preparedness for the same
  • Strategize the operations to ensure uninterrupted product supply during pandemic
  • Preparing generalized framework applicable to multiple sites if required.
  • Addressing the business requirements and the personal well-being of the workforce with equal emphasis
  • Preparation of the pandemic program and related SOPs and other documentations that can be used for regulatory compliance purpose if required