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The What?

We provide detailed views of your financial data with our advanced financial analytics services that help gain a deeper knowledge of key trends to improve performance across your business operations. Get a reliable business strategy based on factual insights over intuition to forecast possible future financial scenarios

The How?

We make sure your organization focuses on the right areas with a specially curated set of KPI's and matrices. Gain continuous visibility into your financial and operational performance. We understand the importance of correct predictive analysis and help improve the quality of your data and manage it effectively. You gain more than just decision making.

The Why?

Having timely access to the information can help you make informed decisions quickly. We at i2e consulting provide analytics solutions that go beyond information provides and aide as problem solvers. Analytics above and beyond.

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Popular Dashboards on Demand

Financial Performance

Access your company's performance by monitoring return on assets, return on equity, working capital ratio, and debt-equity ratio in real-time.

Profit and Loss

Get a detailed report of your fiscal year (gross profit margin, net profit margin, operating expense ratios, and operating profit margin) Can reducing costs increase the profit margins? what worked, what didn't, and most importantly why.

CFO Scorecard

Measure actual number from the forecasted ones, by pulling financial data (cash flow, asset detail, income statements and more) from every corner of your organization. One single clear location to instantly assess profit margin analysis.

Cash Management

This dashboard as the name suggests offers insights into your organization’s current cash flow situation, current ratio, and quick ratio. It guides you with short term liabilities and debts.

Tax and Compliance Analytics

These dashboards will help on rely more on data for compliance and audit determinations by providing a comprehensive dataset. Tax analytics make use of granular enterprise data as the foundation for tax decisions We present information in such light, so you see what you need to see.
Ensure you are updated and in sync with government requirements and expectations with faster fact-based decision-making.

Why Us?

Gain competitive advantage with analytics

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