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Data Visualization

Data, the new age gold.

Named one of the fastest growing private companies in the US in the 2018 Inc.5000, i2e Consulting provides advanced reporting solutions that will break down your complex and raw data into meaningful insights. We help organizations explore the possibilities of data and solve their problems. We strive to improve collaboration, optimize forecasting and become cost effective. Our Data visualization go beyond the ordinary, uncovering all the possibilities in your data & diving into your organizations Problems & Solutions.

Leverage Power BI

i2e Consulting is a leading Visual Analytics company where our experts present analytical findings in reports, graphs, charts and interactive dashboards. We empower organizations with business intelligence that help to take smart data-driven decisions.

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Visualize data in mixed reality using Microsoft Hololens

Working with data in a virtual environment has become a reality as i2e takes a huge leap in developing various applications which merge the real and virtual worlds to create a new environment. We help organizations interact with the data model, manage innovative portfolios and create sustainable growth opportunity. Our team ensures organizations have access to real-real data anytime, anywhere.

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