BI Dashboard made Resource Management easy with an efficient forecasting

Client : Confidential

Industry : Pharmaceutical

Duration : 4 Months

Unifying resourcing data across organization with Data warehousing.

Business Case

As companies are adopting one organization one data approach. A global pharma giant was facing difficulties with resource planning-thanks to siloed data sets. They were looking for solutions to consolidate resourcing data so they could better plan their projects. They had a Planisware subscription for resource planning.

The client requested the following features:

  • Consolidate data from various global offices
  • Dashboards for resource forecasting
  • Automate analytics
  • One of the major challenges faced during the project was the consolidation of the data
  • Secondly, they needed the data reporting in Planisware
  • Automating reports
  • We created a staging database which consolidate all the data into one platform and helped unified reporting
  • As they were existing Planisware user we built a Planisware Data Grabber tool which could pull data from Planisware.
  • As for automating reports, we built custom dashboards to show all data at an organizational level and help with forecasting
  • complete removal of manual processing and consolidation of data
  • The visibility of data at organizational level helped decision makers and project planners
  • Substantial reduction in Full time equivalent
  • To top it all, the entire thing is mobile friendly
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