When Business Process Automation comes along SharePoint version upgrade

Client : Confidential

Industry : Pharmaceutical

Duration : Ongoing

As support for SharePoint 2010 is ending, businesses are looking for vendors to migrate their sites to latest versions. There are concerns, if only migration supported customization. But why settle for just another version when you could achieve much more? 

This case study discusses how we helped a pharmaceutical company migrate their site to higher SharePoint version with better performance and navigation features and automated 20-25% of the existing processes. Not many foresee process automation with a version upgrade especially, with a readymade product like SharePoint.   

Business Case

The current version of SharePoint 2010 hosted a customized site. It has 4 modules used for DMS (Document Management System), Definitions, Working Practices, and Reporting, which used Spotfire. Each of these modules used complex workflows. The version upgrade or migration would not support any existing customization. So, the company approached us to help them with migration and customization.  

  • The organization was not only looking to upgrade SharePoint but migrate its existing customization. This meant we required to understand the current system, simplify, optimize, and as we are recognized for our Business Process Automation solutions, they also expected to achieve maximum automation in the process.
  • The workflows demanded significant time to understand
  • The processes needed to be reimagined for optimal business automation
  • The reporting module was found to consume major processing and navigation time
  • The solutions offered on our part involved optimized workflows, user friendly UI, and faster modules
  • To help comprehend information faster, we introduced visual UI elements such as timelines for various processes, stages of various documents, pagination, etc.
  • To reduce the load on Spotfire, we incorporated a utility that enabled users to pre-select filters within SharePoint and view reports on Spotfire. This would mean faster processing and better navigation
  • We offered to automate various manual processes within business workflows such as document review, new policy approval, document conversions.
  • We helped our clients get the maximum benefit out of their SharePoint investment
  • 20-25% of the manual processes automated
  • Successful migration to SharePoint 2013 with improved customization
  • Better UI and UX
  • Optimized processes
  • Achieved automation by leveraging in-built features of SharePoint
  • Faster development minimum disruption

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