Automation Technology Leader Unlocks Planisware Capabilities and Achieves Streamlined Resource Management


Business Case

Our client, one of the leading logistics automation companies stand for innovation, and quality to provide industry leading software and robotics solutions. The company has a workforce of more than 2,400 employees spread across 20 locations worldwide. 

They were using Planisware- a leading digital PPM tool to manage their resource capacity and allocations. The resource managers within projects were manually reviewing and adjusting resource allocations project by project. This was tedious and time-consuming considering their massive development and production projects.

The client approached i2e to better utilize Planisware capabilities in simplifying the resource allocation process. The client wanted to give the resource managers a central view where they can check, edit and review the FTE allocations without the need to go through individual projects.

Our Solution

With years of Planisware optimization experience, team i2e designed an approached to streamline the resource management process using Planisware PEX reports.

The PEX reports not only gave the resource managers provision to forecast/allocation by resource/project but also provided the ability to modify existing allocations, change or swap resources, create new resource allocation, and copy existing ones. 

Our team designed and customized PEX reports that could:

  • Display resource allocation by resource/project for the selected portfolio.
  • Set up new popups that allows users to create new allocations and delete existing ones as needed.
  • Offer flexibility to modify existing resource allocations, swap resources, and view project details.
  • Incorporate an indicator to highlight under or over allocations.

Our solution simplified the process of calculating resource allocations by providing intuitive indicators. Resource managers had a centralized platform to manage all resources across multiple projects along with data restrictions for respective resource manager. They have the flexibility to switch between preferred units, such as allocation by day, month, year, or FTE. By implementing our solution, the client has been able to reduce resource management efforts by approximately 80%, while streamlining their operations and increasing productivity.

Challenges Overcome

  • Creating a centralized place to view and manage all resource allocations.
  • Simplifying the complex and lengthy process of resource allocation across various projects for the resource management.


  • Streamlined resource allocation process
  • Reduction in manual effort and increased efficiency
  • Capability to switch between preferred units
  • Reduced complexity of calculating allocations
  • Capability to switch between preferred units