How i2e Consulting transformed FTE calculation for a Multi-National Corporation (MNC), enhancing productivity and compliance with labor laws


Business Case

In globalized business environment, it is not uncommon for organizations to have presence in multiple countries, each with its own unique set of labor laws and regulations for daily and weekly working hours.
Out-of-the-box calculation for FTE (Full Time Equivalent) may not always be accurate, leading to delays in project completion, reduced productivity, and increased costs.
These forecasting issues can impact the effectiveness of the organization and its ability to be competitive in the marketplace.

Solution Approach

The client wanted To address the challenge of calculating FTE and availability of resources in a multi-national organization with different working hour laws, i2e designed and implemented a customized solution in Planisware. Our approach included the following steps:

  • Conducting a thorough analysis of the existing FTE calculation mechanism and identifying areas for improvement to accurately reflect country-specific working hours.
  • Configuring a new cost unit and assigning it to resources to enable accurate FTE and availability calculations based on country-specific working hours.
  • Updating the batch logic to automate the process of generating accurate availabilities for resources.
  • Designing and implementing test cases to validate the effectiveness of the new FTE computation mechanism.


We were able to implement a customized solution that addressed the unique challenges faced by our client to accurately calculate FTE and resource availability across multiple countries. The solution was thoroughly tested and validated to ensure its effectiveness and accuracy.


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