A collaborative cloud-based Document Management System for every department.

Whether you are looking for an electronic Document Management System or are already using SharePoint to manage documents; you will be glad that you found us.

SharePoint has been around since 2001 and is now ubiquitous and is here to say and since everyone is using it, why not make the most out of it. i2e Document Management System or i2e DMS for short is based this very collaborative platform.

SharePoint is many things but sleek and user friendly and our DMS attempts to do that. We have tried to enhance on user experience by simplifying the way people use out of the box features. The new user experience seems to improve productivity and efficiency as users have reported a decrease in document handling time by 60-70%.

Finally, a user-friendly SharePoint Document Management System (DMS)

Document Management System SharePoint

Like most modern Document Management systems, we have:

Document Management

The obvious, electronic document processing. Upload any file with a click and manage million others on cloud across different departments.

Process Automation

Document approval process automation. Automate manual processes with simple workflows to improve productivity.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage to store documents on the cloud and access them anytime anywhere.

Licensing & Security

Security and reliability as Microsoft SharePoint come under Office 365 license and your data is fully secured with Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure.

Read how i2e developed a highly secured DMS with user role-based permissions for a large pharmaceutical company

What makes this DMS standout?

DMS Navigation across SharePoint

Navigation across SharePoint

i2e DMS is built in such a way that one can easily find documents. They are categorized into the draft, for review, approved, etc. A personal dashboard displays the user’s documents. Fewer clicks and easy access sets the DMS apart from the raw SharePoint DMS.

Document Reviewing System

You can upload a document and send it for review without leaving your home page. Keep a tab on the approval process with the document review roadmap. The transparency that fast tracks document reviewing.

Document Review system
DMS SharePoint Security

Document Security

Get user role-based document access ​to maintain confidentiality ​& audit trail. There are certain features that some power users may exploit if the configuration is not set right. We make sure no such things happen and all power rests upon the IT admin. When stakes are high, security needs to level up.

DocuSign Integration

E-sign your documents with DocuSign before sending them for approval. A seamless integration that feels like putting your signature on a piece of paper.

DMS E sign Integration
Save Document from Outlook

Outlook to SharePoint

The i2e DMS comes preloaded with an Outlook plugin Save-it that enables users to save an email attachment to SharePoint libraries and folders directly from the Outlook app. Now you can read emails and sort attachments simultaneously.

More Power to you

We have designed our package in such a way that you can easily maintain the DMS all by yourself. You do not need our help once it is deployed at your end. You do love repeat customers but on different projects!!

i2e DMS

User Experience over User Interface

While most SharePoint customizations involve design aspect, we believe in delivering user experience that enhance productivity.

Customers Review

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Curious enough?

Not only this if you wish to get some additional features, we can always discuss. To get an idea of the document management that we are talking about and how wonderful it truly is play the video and learn it for yourself.

Comparative Study:


SharePoint Vanilla

i2e DMS

Ease of Navigation
Default SharePoint UI
3X faster navigation
One click uploads
Approval updates on home dashboards
Configurable Analytics
Power users have access to security backdoors
More power to Admin

SharePoint is a great platform with great features. Through our i2e DMS we offer a packaged solution which will help you harness its capabilities. It’s simple and so user-friendly that you do not need any extra training.

Get it up and running in 3 weeks*