Turn project data in excel to powerpoint presentation in seconds.

Client : Confidential

Industry : Pharmaceutical

Duration : 5 Months

Using this tool portfolio and project managers can generate contextual information and reports on the projects running across the organization within seconds.

Business Case

Some of the common problems that were being faced by our client were:
  • The weekly task of report generation for project was consuming a vast amount of time.
  • The process of fetching information from multiple sources and putting them across reports was prone of human error.
  • Lack of a standard template across the organization often led to confusion
  • There was no information exchange among departments
  • Increased time to market
They were looking for a slide generation application that could fetch information from any data source (excel, file system or database) and represent them in slides. There should be a standard template which could be used across the organization. In addition, there should be an option where critical information is highlighted by default.
  • One of the key challenges was putting it all together in one template, because multiple projects were using multiple templates with different formulas
  • Another challenge was the retrieving data from derived cells (an excel cell whose value depends on another cell) and populating it to PowerPoint. This was a challenge because slides have their own way of representing data
  • To implement a uniform template, it was important that we understood the organization’s reporting requirements. Our experts spent time to understand the purpose behind the reports
  • Once they got a comprehensive understanding of the requirements, they studied the existing templates and optimized them in a way that they could be used uniformly across the organization
  • Lastly, they added all the functionalities and built the software
  • The reporting system got automated
  • The amount of time spent got significantly reduced. What earlier took 3-4 hours of task could now be wrapped up in mere 5 minutes
  • Chances of human error removed
  • Slides can be generated from any source of data
  • It can be used for any number of projects

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