Fast-Track Project Online Implementation Rescues Troubled Projects and Improves Customer Satisfaction

Client : Confidential

Industry : Pharmaceutical

Duration : 30 Days

Prior to Portfolio one dashboards, information exchange processes were very manual and decentralized. For instance, getting daily numbers such as the rented vs owned sites, headcount or sq.ft. ares would require a rgional employee to call each site and have them compile and email the metrics manually.

Business Case

Client was looking for real-time work management software that could be customized to enable the team to easily see the big picture and get things done. The tool provided the visibility to make more informed decisions in real-time

There was a need to make the project teams more cohesive, productive, and competitive. The client wanted an Online project and portfolio management solution and an integrated, standardized set of tools across all teams for better resource utilization and co-ordination

The Client was struggling to operate more efficiently, reduce administrative costs, and simplify workflows. MS Project Desktop made project managers wade through a blizzard of email messages, instant messages, and phone calls to messages, instant messages, and phone calls to stay coordinated. Keeping the disconnected systems synchronized also required a lot of double data entry, which meant extra work and introduced opportunity for error

Upon implementation the team was able to break large goals into manageable pieces, attach files, and set due dates. Project managers could easily track overall progress and individual contribution. The tool enabled the teams to add any task into multiple folders or projects and create any combination of folder structures to meet their project’s needs. An open view of team workloads made it easy to re calibrate when necessary.

Different teams were able to work collaboratively and see everyone’s changes in real-time. They could upload or link and edit documents (PDF, JPG, PNG, Microsoft, Google, Box, Drop box, and more) while keeping track of each version. This Simplified feedback and approval cycles, offering full context.

  • Improved productivity up to 40%
  • Reduced costs by 30%
  • Ehanced data accuracy with a dashboard that publishes consistent, consolidated project data in real time
  • Improved profit margins with better decision making through access to project schedule data

This improved data- visualization, facilitated an organization wide hunger to execute precise, timely, processes. Additionally, the client obtained a rapid return on investment following Portfo¬lio-one implementation, which was directly attributed to a reduction of the number of man-hours required to produce reports.

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