Project Management made Easy for Scientist and Doctors in Pharmaceuticals Company

Client : Confidential

Industry : Pharmaceutical

Duration : 30 Days

Prior to Team Member dashboards, project managers were having a difficult time asking team members (mostly scientist, researchers, and doctors) to update, complete or re-enter tasks. Process was tedious, precious time was lost in context switch, and productivity curtailed. Inaccurate and misrepresented project status made decision making difficult. 

Business Case

It doesn’t really matter what project tracking tool you use, that they’re all similar—but is that really the case?

The drug development process is a long project with lots of complexities and too many stakeholders are involved. The scientists, researchers, project managers, and portfolio directors share responsibilities in creating an environment conducive to project success. The project goes through various phases and lot of information needs to be stored. It’s a long journey with innumerable checks and regulations from the start of research to the launch of the drug in the market. We had to customize Microsoft Project Online to make it easier for team members to use it and store data while it goes through various phases of the project.

There is a clear lack of specialized pharmaceutical project management tools in the market

To assure effective progress of the project, it is imperative that all information and data is updated regularly. It may include scientific and technical data, data analysis and conclusions, status of project tasks and activities, timeline and milestone accomplishments versus stated goals etc. However, most of the Project tracking tools available in the market have a minimal understanding on Project Management. Those software/tools cannot be used for all the domains, especially in pharmaceutical industry, where most of the team members are Doctors & Scientists working on research. Also, when someone is using something, which they know is not the right thing to use, it in a sense devalues their contribution. Simple is often better in such situations.

Client’s main requirement was for an easy & convenient dashboard for Doctors & Scientists to capture their everyday tasks. Being able to see the big picture from a project management point of view was critical. Being the tenacious beings that they are, a scientist would argue and exhaust all possibilities before coming to a conclusion. Keeping in mind the fact that data could be meaningless without ways to capture and analyze it effectively, we designed a Team member dashboard for them.

  • Fast and easy adoption by Doctors & Scientists (Team Member): Most of the employees are scientists or doctors with non-IT Background. Before the implementation of the dashboard, every team member was spending 60 min/week, which was reduced to 20min/week post the implementation.
  • Increased productivity & job satisfaction for team members
  • Real-time task and project-status views: Senior management & Project Managers were able to generate reports on demand and have more confidence in their decision-making due to the availability of reliable & current data.
  • Team Member Dashboard supports all IT project & non-IT projects for strategic road mapping
  • Reduced Infrastructure Maintenance Tasks

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