Project Management Made Easy for Scientist and Doctors in Pharmaceuticals Company


Business Case

A pharmaceutical company faces significant challenges in effectively managing the drug development process due to the complexity of the projects, involving multiple stakeholders such as scientists, researchers, project managers, and portfolio directors. Existing project tracking tools lack customization and struggle to accommodate the diverse needs of our teams as projects progress through various phases. The reliance on customized solutions, such as Microsoft Project Online, has become cumbersome and inefficient, hindering collaboration, data storage, and project oversight. 

They requested i2e to provide a comprehensive project management solution tailored specifically to the unique requirements of pharmaceutical drug development.

Our Solution

To address the client’s primary requirement for an intuitive and accessible dashboard for doctors and scientists to capture daily tasks, i2e developed a robust Team Member Dashboard. This dashboard provided a centralized platform where stakeholders could effortlessly document their activities and contributions to ongoing projects. Crucially, the dashboard offered a holistic view of project progress, aligning with the client’s need to understand the overarching project management perspective. 

Understanding the meticulous nature of scientists and their inclination to explore every avenue before reaching conclusions, the dashboard was designed to accommodate their analytical approach. 

It offered customizable features and interactive elements, allowing scientists to delve deep into project details, analyze data, and explore various scenarios before making informed decisions. 

Recognizing the significance of data in driving meaningful insights, i2e ensured that the dashboard not only facilitated data capture but also enabled effective analysis. 

Advanced analytics tools were integrated into the dashboard, empowering stakeholders to extract actionable insights from the accumulated data effortlessly.

Challenges Overcome

  • The existing project tracking tools lacked comprehensive understanding of project management principles, making them unsuitable for the complex needs of pharmaceutical projects.
  • The use of inadequate tools by team members, despite recognizing their unsuitability, posed a challenge as it could potentially devalue their contributions.
  • Lack of specialized pharmaceutical project management tools in the market.


  • Streamlined onboarding process and significantly reduced the time spent on task management, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • User-friendly interface and tailored features, the solution contributed to heightened productivity and job satisfaction among team members.
  • Real-time visibility into task and project statuses, empowering senior management and project managers to make informed decisions.
  • Seamless integration and strategic road mapping across diverse project portfolios.
  • More streamlined focus on core business objectives and project deliverables by reducing infrastructural maintenance task.