How i2e Consulting reduced manual efforts by 95% and increased accuracy


Business Case

The client faced significant challenges with the synchronization of project level data between Salesforce and Planisware. Additionally, the process of updating project details in Planisware based on Salesforce data required multiple comparisons causing a significant drain on time and resources. This inefficiency led to delays and errors in project management, which resulted in reduced productivity and increased costs.

The client recognized the need for an automated solution that could synchronize project data and streamline the project creation process, thereby reducing manual effort and improving accuracy.

Solution Approach

  • Revise the import scripts to incorporate project level details, which would be essential in ensuring that the project data is updated correctly.
  • Establish an intermediate table with multiple attributes to assess template eligibility and selection. This would reduce the time and effort required for manual selection, as the system would automatically choose the appropriate template based on predefined conditions.
  • Modify project import scripts to automatically create projects by comparing input parameters with the intermediate table to eliminate the risk of human errors.
  • Design and conduct multiple testing procedures to validate the accuracy and efficiency of the automated process.


The team was able to effectively automate the project data synchronization with Salesforce. In addition, they established a fail-safe template auto-selection mechanism. The implementation of this solution resulted in a staggering 95% reduction in manual effort and significantly minimized the risk of human errors in both template selection and project creation.


Our solution brought several benefits to the client, including:

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