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Planisware Data Extractor tool

Real-time Data, Less Iteration and All in One Place: Planisware Reporting Made Easy

Planisware Data Extractor is a tool that facilitates Planisware users to retrieve real-time data populate it to an excel sheet with requisite attributes within seconds.

Planisware Data Extractor

Planisware Data Extractor facilitates users to retrieve real-time data from applications, so one need not go to a report every time they need information. Everything happens in Excel, so it is easy to customize the charts, do additional calculations and combine data from other sources. Planisware Data Extractor will make your life easy and we guarantee it.

Challenges you face

  • Multiple records mean multiple iterations
  • Real-time data is not available
  • Stuck with pre-defined reporting formats

Planisware Data Extractor Advantage

  • Get real-time data
  • Choose data as per requirement
  • Retrieve multiple project data at one go

Bonus Benefits

  • Narrow down your selection with filters
  • Seamless integration with BI or reporting tools
  • No IT staff dependency

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