Pharma Client Achieves Algorithm Migration from Alteryx to Planisware with Zero Downtime


Business Case

Our client had spearheaded rare disease research and treatments for more than two decades. They have continued to push scientific boundaries to deepen the understanding of rare diseases, helping people impacted by rare diseases live fuller, healthier lives. Due to changes resulting from a corporate reorganization initiative, they were looking to migrate their existing resource forecasting algorithms from Alteryx to Planisware. The challenge was to create Planisware algorithms that could give the similar output like that of Alteryx, and perform the migrate ensuring zero downtime, and technical interruptions to the ongoing business activities. The client also wanted to set up a data visualization pipeline, which could generate reports based on the resource forecasting done.
The job called for an expert Planisware implementation partner who has hands on experience in Planisware configuration along with life science project management expertise.

Our Solution

Our Planisware experts studied the forecasting workflow in Alteryx and created a detailed configuration and migration plan.

The team created algorithms in Planisware to forecast resource availability on a case-by-case basis. Before starting the migration, team i2e rigorously tested the algorithms by comparing the results from both the tools. Result? The Planisware algorithms were able to give output which was 100% like that of Alteryx. The team used out-of-box Planisware functionalities which facilitated the admin to alter inputs wherever required and the forecasting output will modify accordingly, providing flexibility and ease of maintenance. 

The migration was done seamlessly with zero downtime and disruption to their current workflows. Our team also advised in optimizing the resource forecasting workflows which increased the efficiency of the forecasting process within Planisware.

Team i2e integrated Power BI to Planisware such that the forecasting outputs were then converted to easy-to-read reports and dashboards. This helped the portfolio decision makers to view resource forecasting based on roles and departments all at one place.

Challenges Overcome

  • Designing Planisware algorithms which were exact match to the intricate workflows of Alteryx.


  • Seamless migration from Alteryx to Planisware
  • Efficient forecasting process within Planisware
  • Zero disruption to business activities while migration
  • Streamlined data visualization pipeline
  • Tried and tested method for error-free migration
  • Used out-of-box Planisware functionality for ease of maintenance