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From strategy to execution, i2e provides services empowering organizations of all sizes to transform their IT Infrastructure, Optimize Operations, Reduce Cost, and improve their Business Agility by focusing on the business domain and its requirements.

Unlock the potential of managed IT services with our comprehensive suite of tailored IT solutions -

Deliver Standard Administration Services

Maximize business value by delivering efficient IT services and taking necessary measures to optimize performance across various functionalities. Be it Access configuration, Approvals, Business Data Management, Monitoring or Maintenace, our services are designed to provide end-to-end support and help businesses gain operational efficiency with reduced cost.

Policy and Rule configuration in O635 Admin Centers

App Protection/ Conditional Access Policy Configuration

DLP/Rights Management

Microsoft Security Enforcement

WFH Infrastructure Configuration

Asset Tracking

Monitoring Networks and Hosting Services

Maintaining network infrastructure and addressing complex IT requirements can be a tricky task given that networks are spread across a wide area and have too many components in it. Our experts provide tailored network management strategy as well as dedicated servers for smooth operation.

Managed Backup and Cyber security

Our managed backup services are designed to provide highly secured and reliable backup solutions - whether it's on premises or cloud or other backup systems. It streamlines incremental updates and critical restoration process without having to worry about loss of data. Our services are powered by latest technologies such as AWS and Microsoft that provide an infrastructure ensuring optimum security of organizational data and prevention from data breaches.

Organized Employee On-boarding and Exit Management

Streamline all the routine administrative tasks involved in employee onboarding as well as employee separation with our automation features that ensure business continuity and higher employee satisfaction. With our IT solutions, businesses can easily track the progress of activities associated with onboarding and offboarding.

Proactive Remote Support for maximum collaboration

With work from home being adapted increasingly, businesses of all sizes now rely on remote workers and managed services more than ever. And with remote operation, comes challenges such as – Security compliance and collaboration. Our solutions include complete Office 365 integration and cloud-based services that empower remote communication by ensuring real-time collaboration in a secured and compliant environment.

SLA for Tasks

Knowledgebase for Tech support

Helpdesk Portal for Remote support

Patch Management/ Security Configuration

Chatbot for Automated Resolution by End-User

Managed Services for Reports Generation

Say goodbye to time-consuming report generation activities with our automated report documentation services that provides more organized, sophisticated and revenue-generating reports. Integrate your business applications for faster data onboarding and seamlessly process the data to assemble them into structured form to increase transparency and identify areas of improvement.

User Activity Reports

Server Health Check Reports

Anti-Threat Protection Reports

Firewall Reports

User Tickets (Helpdesk) Reports

Why Choose I2e?

Certified Microsoft Gold Partner

Experienced team with Technical and Domain expertise

Scalability as per business requirements

Providing best solutions to maximize growth

Centralized hub of strategic approach

No need of third-party tools

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