SharePoint-Powered Meeting Management Portal helps Pharma Company Achieve Pan-Governance.


Business Case

Each pharma project comprises of milestones, and it is a common practice among major pharma companies to seek governance reviews and voting meetings to discuss the project milestones. Now, for large pharma companies there will be numerous project teams, and each of them may follow a defined governance meeting process.

Similarly, our client was having distinctive governance meeting processes for each project team, and the review meetings were being conducted manually.

This manual process was posing the following problems

  • As each team had their own governance meetings procedure, tracking them for audit and compliance has become a mammoth task.
  • Meeting information spread across various teams was cumbersome to collate.
  • There was no centralized view to manage the governance meetings.

  • So, the client was looking for a way to digitalize the whole process and implement a pan governance meeting model across the company.


  • Coordinating with the huge set of stakeholders, accommodating and negotiating their requests, while taking care not to deviate from the original idea was a challenge, which our team successfully managed.
  • Building a pharma compliant portal without compromising the quality of the product. Our expertise helped us to build a portal that was complaint with the pharma regulations.



Our team used SharePoint and built a centralized Governance meeting management Portal which could manage all the review meetings, capture meeting outcomes and respective documentation all in one place. Our experts integrated SharePoint Online with Microsoft teams for streamlined offline discussions. Leveraging other capabilities within the O365 ecosystem, we helped the client automate workflows using Power Automate.

  • The Governance portal helped the central governance admin to have a bird’s eye view of all the governance meetings set up in a particular year.
  • If there is any change in the status of the meetings, it could be postponed or preponed, the system captures this information and sends notifications to all the parties involved.
  • With a centralized view, the solution promoted a consistent governance meeting process across all drug category teams.
  • The portal was also flexible to accommodate deviations such as flexibility in terms of capturing information, level of control in submitting the meeting outcome, etc. for each drug category.
  • The governance portal also automated sharing minutes of the meeting, once the minutes of the meeting are uploaded into the portal, the system then sends it to all the people involved in the meeting.
  • When it came to voting, the portal was smart to capture the votes from the individual Outlook itself. This saved the SMEs’ time and hassle of opening different governance meetings every time they needed to vote for multiple meetings.


  • Centralized Governance meeting management across all the categories within the company
  • Auditing governance process for compliance now became easy
  • Automated notifications for changes in the meetings
  • Minutes of meetings sent directly to the parties involved
  • Centralized location for all the meeting documentation and minutes of the meetings

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