Streamlining Data and Automated Reporting for Efficient Resource Management

Client : Confidential

Industry : Pharmaceutical

Duration : Ongoing

As companies are adopting one organization one data approach. Unifying resourcing data across an organization and advanced data visualizations can help with resource management and forecasting. Automated reports reduce the possibility of errors, and free up resources to work on strategic work that drives the business forward.

Business Case

A global pharma giant was struggling with manual resource planning. The use of spreadsheets and manual report generation were cornerstones of their daily operations and integral to resource management. They were invested in three different Human Resource Management Systems for timesheet, project resourcing, and general HR information. In addition, the company used PPM system Planisware and Data Analytics system Spotfire in limited capacity for resource forecasting and analytics respectively.

Data silos, manual operations and primitive reports made it very difficult for optimal resource utilization.

Our customer approached i2e Consulting for a solution, which would enable them to use their resourcing data (across all their offices globally) for Resource Forecasting and cost estimation. In addition, they wanted modern dashboards and reports for better insights.

We ran an assessment survey of the company, its process, existing subscriptions and suggested our recommendations. The customer decided to go ahead with an Oracle RDS approach.

The project was broken down into: Resource Forecasting and Resource Analytics with the below end goals:

  • Consolidate data from various global offices
  • Automated report generation
  • Modern data visualization for better insights
  • GDPR compliant dashboards
  • One of the major challenges faced during the project was the consolidation of the data
  • Data transformation was tricky and time-consuming
  • Spotfire does not support GDPR natively
  • Report creation for global cross-functional teams
  • Creation of a staging database to consolidate data into one platform
  • Automation of Planisware Explorer (PEX) reports
  • Achieve GDPR compliance with a combination of Oracle and Spotfire
  • Import data to and from Planisware with in-house tool
  • Enhancements over existing cost estimation process
  • Consolidation of data into a centralized operational database for use across multiple applications or processes
  • Complete removal of manual processing
  • Better insights with better visualization
  • Rectification of data issues
  • Data Visibility at organizational level
  • Substantial reduction in full time equivalent in data processing

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