Global pharma company achieves efficiency in resource management
by streamlining data and automating reports.

CLIENT: Confidential


INDUSTRY: Pharmaceutical


DURATION: 6 months

Business Case

A global pharma client’s clinical operations function was struggling with manual resource planning. They were using spreadsheets and offline reports to forecast and manage resource plans. These processes were fragmented with three different Human Resource Management Systems for timesheet tracking, project resourcing, and general HR information like Paid Time Off and leave. As a result, it was difficult to understand optimum resource utilization, and identify opportunities to rationalize under or over utilization of resources.

While the client had a modern technical stack with Planisware, data analytics system, Spotfire, these tools were only used in limited capacity.

i2e has long been viewed as a trusted advisor by the client and they approached us to partner with them. Our team of clinical SME’s along with Planisware certified consultants understood their existing technology stack. We also ran an extensive assessment of their current processes and technology and defined a future state roadmap with specific recommendations on resource planning processes and tools.

The customer decided to go ahead with an Oracle RDS approach. This ideal solution enabled the client to use resource data (across global offices) for forecasting and cost estimation. It also provided the ability to automatically generate insights with dashboards and reports. This ensured accurate decision-making on resource optimization, monitoring and clinical spending.


  • Data consolidation from various sources
  • Data transformation was tricky and time-consuming
  • Spotfire did not support GDPR natively
  • Creating reports for global cross-functional teams



  • Creation of a staging database to consolidate data into one platform
  • Automation of Planisware Explorer (PEX) reports
  • Achieve GDPR compliance with a combination of Oracle and Spotfire
  • Import data to and from Planisware with in-house tool
  • Enhancements over existing cost estimation process


  • One centralized operational database for use across multiple applications or processes
  • Complete elimination of manual processing
  • Accurate insights with better visualization
  • Rectification of data discrepancies
  • Data visibility at organizational level
  • GDPR compliance
  • Substantial reduction in time spent on data processing