Hololens finding the big picture with data

Client : Confidential

Industry : Pharmaceutical

Duration : 30 Days

With Hololens, stakeholders could discuss and visualize a potential problem by viewing data in real time, and collaborate to find solutions.

Data visualization has two purpose, data analysis or sense-making and communication or data presentation. These two aspects collectively provide for a total data experience. Our client had the data analyzed. However, they realized that this alone did not provide insights into the data because the data was not well presented for understanding. They approached us with a solution to their problem and we offered the augmented reality experience with HoloLens.

Business Case

Our Client was looking for a data visualization technology that could take on the sophistication of the firm’s long range vision to exploit Big Data. They wanted to achieve this through an interactive experience that was not constrained by data volume or graphics innovation. They were looking for a solution that would extract information from a diverse range of data formats, all displayed on one dashboard simultaneously. This project was ambitious, but It matched the Capabilities that i2e Consulting brings to Challenges in data management.

  • Our Client wished to make use of data visualization to analyze clusters of data
  • The aim was to help decision-makers understand difficult concept and identify new patterns in visual forms
  • They not only wanted data visualization tools where the users could view the general picture but also quickly dig into more specific areas in a faster and easier way

iHololens combines a visually appealing easy-to-navigate user interface with an engaging and intuitive experience. Our client was able to gain key insights, leverage real-time data and visualize intelligence to increase revenue & operational efficiency. Hololens helped improve project collaboration and prevent costly mistakes. It enabled 'better conversations' by making sure everyone involved in the project is on the same page, looking at the same thing.

Using the HoloLens, key stakeholders were able to have face-to-face communication by transmitting 3D models of the people and objects anywhere. These 3D holograms were interactive and were operating in real-time, allowing people interacting with each other to feel as if they are sitting in the same room, even when they were thousands of miles apart.

We helped our client reduce their project delivery timeframe and thereby the costs incurred!

  • Quick turnaround time for decisions
  • Adherence to the delivery timeliness
  • Reduced cost
  • Develop better and innovative products with the help of proven expertise and skills using HoloLens

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