Hololens Finding The Big Picture with Data


Business Case

Our client, a sophisticated firm with a long-range vision to leverage big data, faced challenges in achieving interactive data visualization that could synthesize large and complex data sets. Specifically, they sought a solution that could handle diverse, high-volume data from multiple formats and sources, extract meaningful insights from large datasets, display analytical outputs across one dynamically updated dashboard and keep pace with the firm’s ambitions to innovate with data-rich graphics and visualization. 

To address these needs, the client sought i2e consulting’s expertise in custom data integration, management, and visualization.

Our Solution

To address the client’s needs for advanced data analytics and visualization capabilities, i2e consulting developed a custom solution called Hololens. This interactive holographic platform leverages mixed reality technology to deliver a multi-dimensional experience for exploring complex data. 

The Hololens interface equips users with data visualization, real-time analytics, and collaborative capabilities far surpassing traditional dashboards. 

It immerses stakeholders in 3D projected data landscapes, allowing seamless interaction between individuals, data points, and insights. 

Users gain intuition and understanding of even very large, disparate datasets through the visually tangible way information is represented.

Challenges Overcome

  • Creating interactive 3D visualizations of large, complex datasets that provide intuitive insights is extremely technically challenging.
  • Designing an immersive, multi-user holographic interface powered by mixed reality technologies.
  • Enabling customized analysis of different data types and sources, while maintaining dynamic updated views, presents data integration and computational load difficulties.
  • Conducting speedy analytics to instantly visualize insights.
  • Creating an easy-to-navigate user experience for exploring deep data analysis poses UX design and functionality challenges.


  • Key insights unlocked through discovery-focused analysis powered by leading data analytics.
  • Increased revenue and operational efficiency by enabling data-driven decision making.
  • Enhanced project collaboration through interactive 3D model sharing, annotations, and integrated communication.
  • Costly mistakes prevented thanks to the shared, real-time view of project data among teams.
  • Intuitive visibility into data analysis enhanced collective understanding across the organization.