Custom SharePoint DMS Helped a Pharma Client Achieve Efficiency and Compliance Across the Document Lifecycle


Business Case

A global pharmaceutical company was looking for a Document Management System (DMS) which could accommodate end-to-end document management for their operational and training documents. Prior to i2e’s implementation, the document approval and reviews were done manually, which was time-consuming and did not provide a streamlined process for compliance audit. 

The client was looking for a custom DMS system which could handle end-to-end document management along with the capabilities to accommodate multiple reviews and reconciliations and a hassle-free workflow for voting approvals from their Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). 

Challenges Overcome

  • Designing a custom solution to handle multiple reviews and reconciliations for each document was tricky.


  • Post implementation the client could access a streamlined document review cycle.
  • Log reports of all documents enabled a hassle-free audit.
  • The seamless voting mechanism saved manual effort from the SMEs.
  • The new workflow allowed multiple reviews and reconciliations without hindering the system's performance.
  • Automated archival workflow made document management easy and convenient.

Our Solution

Our SharePoint experts understood the client’s requirements and analyzed their current workflows to design a solution that fit in perfectly with their requirements. Team i2e built a custom DMS that could handle end-to-end document management, from creating pre-defined templates to accommodating multiple reviews and reconciliations to sharing the final documents with stakeholders. It also provided other essential capabilities such as version control, and archival retention. 

We also leveraged Microsoft Power Automate to automate pushing the document into archives once the newer version of the document was approved. The team used the audit feature of O365 which gave the solution the ability to provide document logs for compliance and security audits. 

The client had specific requirements which were possible only with a custom build. 

  • They wanted to allow multiple reviews and reconciliations for each document and track each cycle of review or reconciliation for audit purposes.
  • A hassle-free voting mechanism where the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) could vote for the document’s approval.

Our expert knowledge of the Microsoft O365 ecosystem helped us deliver a solution that fulfilled all the client’s requirements. 

  • The multiple reviews created additional data which could hinder the performance of the DMS system. Our experts solved this problem with a custom build using SharePoint lists.
  • We integrated the custom DMS solution with Outlook as a result the SMEs were able to vote for the document approvals straight from their inboxes. This information was then captured in the DMS.