Achieve the highest level of security with Blockchain

i2e Consulting one of the fastest growing companies has invested significantly in developing applications and use cases in Blockchain. We have the expertise to develop smart contracts for Ethereum and Hyperledger. Our primary focus has been security and to ensure that the smart contracts come with the highest level of security; we conduct rigorous testing and analysis on the same before putting them into production.

Carry hassle-free legal transactions

Our experts have successfully implemented various mobile and web applications. We are one of the few companies that has the capability to design, create and deliver all three types of secure functional enterprise grade Blockchain apps: Public, Private, and Permissioned. Our team creates platforms wherein multiple entities can act as witnesses to specified types of contracts/transactions without requiring the physical presence of entity.


Exchange Digital assets with Crypto-Tokens

i2e Consulting has an experience in creating digital assets with Blockchains. Our innovative team develops loyalty programs, reward systems, customer engagement, event-based promotions, flash sales, and more – without any human intervention. Crypto-Tokens, which can be also used as currency, are easily exchangeable digital assets that can be used within a particular contract or set of contracts.

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