i2e Consulting's solution helped reduce errors by 95% and save 40 minutes per project for a multinational agrochemical company


Business Case

A multinational agrochemical company, faced two major project management challenges: a complex project approval process and time-consuming data transfer to Qlik Sense for generating weekly project reports.  
They approached i2e to find a solution that could reduce errors, save time, and streamline their process.  
With i2e's automation expertise, the company reduced data pushing time from 45 minutes to 5 minutes, achieving a 90% time savings, and eliminating errors in data import to the target system.


  • The default project approval process was not sufficient for the client. Their process involved another system for approval and approved Capex numbers. Manual data push meant increased chance at human error.
  • Weekly project report generation in Qlik Sense. Despite having the necessary project data available in Planisware, the process of pushing the data into Qlik Sense was again effort intensive and time consuming.

Solution Approach

    We decided to have an integrated approach that would solve both these problems:

  • First, we gathered necessary data for target system, and then replicated required fields in IMPEX format. Using this format, we created a target and pushed the data into a CSV document.
  • Next, we implemented a daily batch process for secure data transfer.
  • Placed this CSV file in the SFTP folder on the Planisware server. The client's internal automated process could retrieve and post data in the target system without human intervention.


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