An Automation Company Achieves Automated Data Synchronization between Planisware and Salesforce


Business Case

The client was an automation company delivering data-driven & robotic solutions for logistic automation. They cover the entire automation value chain with robotic and data-driven automated solutions that create exceptional value for businesses. Their project management team was using Planisware to manage project related tasks; however, crucial data pertaining to resource management such as planned hours along with the resource load were present in Salesforce. 

Though the synchronization between Planisware and Salesforce was established, the lack of automation led to multiple manual comparisons while updating the project details in Planisware from Salesforce. 

This led to delays and errors in project management, which resulted in reduced productivity and increased costs. The client was looking for a Planisware expert to develop a solution within Planisware which can automate the synchronization without the need for manual interventions.

Our Solution

Our Planisware experts studied the workflows and developed a project plan to optimize the data synchronization between Planisware and Salesforce.

The team revised Planisware import scripts to automate incorporating project level data from Salesforce to Planisware, this eliminating the requirement for a manual check. They then designed and conducted multiple testing procedures to validate the accuracy and efficiency of the automated process. They also advised the project management team on ways to optimize the import process further and make the best use of Planisware capabilities. 

In addition to optimizing the data synchronization, our experts also established an intermediate table with multiple project attributes which could access the template eligibility and selection during project creation in Planisware. This reduced the time and effort required during project creation, as the system would automatically choose the appropriate template based on predefined conditions.

Challenges Overcome

  • Designing optimized automatic mechanism for selecting project template


  • Accurate and streamlined data synchronization between Salesforce and Planisware
  • Automated the template selection for project creation
  • Reduced manual efforts in comparing synchronized data from Salesforce
  • Mitigated the likelihood of manual errors, enhancing accuracy and reliability in project creation