A Leading Agro Chemical Company Standardized Project Portfolio Management with Planisware Orchestra


Business Case

Coromandel, a leading global agrochemical brand, faced operational inefficiencies and productivity issues in their project management due to fragmented and manual workflows on excel sheets. With a growing portfolio and influx of new projects, manual data handling hindered progress and compromised the outcomes. Moreover, the expansion necessitated onboarding new personnel, intensifying the challenge of collaboration and insight generation. 

Seeking to standardize project portfolio management and ensure consistency across teams, Coromandel was looking for a Planisware expert to implement Planisware Orchestra. By adopting a robust project and portfolio management tool, Coromandel aimed to centralize all data related to projects, standardize project life cycle, optimize resource utilization, enhance collaboration, and drive strategic decision-making. 

Our Solution

After meticulously assessing Coromandel’s needs, our expert team seamlessly executed the implementation of Planisware Orchestra, guiding them through every phase from conception to deployment. We streamlined their project portfolio management by digitizing each stage, from ideation through development to execution, ensuring a cohesive and efficient process. 

We also automated project plan generation through templatization, leveraging insights from past successful projects to drive optimal outcomes for new endeavors. 

Recognizing Coromandel’s utilization of SAP for project cost and financial management, we seamlessly integrated Orchestra, providing a comprehensive overview of all financial aspects across projects. 

Moreover, we established a batch processing to export data from Planisware to excel so that it can further used to create reports and dashboards in Power BI. This process facilitated informed decision-making and actionable insights to drive business success. 

Challenges Overcome

  • Integrating the Planisware Orchestra with SAP for financial management entails technical complexities and coordination efforts.
  • Balancing customization with maintaining the tool's standard functionalities required careful consideration.
  • Migrating data from Excel to Planisware Orchestra while maintaining data integrity and quality could have been a daunting task.


  • Streamlined project portfolio management, eliminating manual processes and enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  • Standardize project management processes across teams, ensuring consistency and alignment with organizational goals.
  • Automated initial project plan generation, saving time and effort with templatization.
  • Seamless collaboration among team members, overcoming the challenges of coordination and insight generation through visualization tools.


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