A Multi-National Company Achieves Labor Law Compliance in FTE Calculations using Planisware


Business Case

For a multinational company, adherence to labour laws and regulations is crucial to maintain business compliance. Similar was our client’s requirement, they were using Planisware for calculating resource capacity and manage allocations. Traditional Full Time Equivalent (FTE) calculations were not accurate as they couldn’t consider the variations in daily and weekly working hours in different countries. This led to delays in project completion, reduced productivity, and increased costs. 

These forecasting issues were also impacting the effectiveness of the organization and its ability to be competitive in the marketplace. 

They approached i2e to help best utilize Planisware capabilities and stay compliant with the labour laws.

Our Solution

Team i2e designed and implemented a customized solution within Planisware to help FTE calculation and availability in a multi-national labour laws scenario. 

The approach followed was:

  • Conducting a thorough analysis of the existing FTE calculation mechanism and identifying areas for improvement to accurately reflect country-specific working hours.
  • Configuring a new cost unit and assigning it to resources to enable accurate FTE and availability calculations based on country-specific working hours.
  • Updating the batch logic to automate the process of generating accurate availabilities for resources.
  • Designing and implementing test cases to validate the effectiveness of the new FTE computation mechanism.

Our solution simplified the process of calculating resource allocations by providing intuitive indicators. Resource managers had a centralized platform to manage all resources across multiple projects along with data restrictions for respective resource manager. They have the flexibility to switch between preferred units, such as allocation by day, month, year, or FTE. By implementing our solution, the client has been able to reduce resource management efforts by approximately 80%, while streamlining their operations and increasing productivity.

Challenges Overcome

  • New logic implementation to generate accurate availability.
  • Fixing the inaccurate forecast due to country specific hours.


  • Enhanced accuracy in calculating FTE and availability of resources
  • Precision in resource forecasting resulting
  • Ability to incorporate country specific working hours
  • Streamlined FTE calculations