Supply chain transformation for life sciences

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Digital simplification of
supply chain for life sciences

The transformative power of technology in life sciences supply chain management

Traditional supply chain

Smart digital supply chain

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We help enhance your supply chain operations through data, analytics and technology, making it streamlined, agile and ready to respond to new delivery models. i2e can digitally connect your entire supply chain capabilities to mitigate risks, reduce costs, and adjust to demands.

Data harmonization and control towers

Our data engineers offer a comprehensive view of all the supply chain activities, by creating a control tower which pulls data from various sources such as ERP systems, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Transportation Management Systems (TMS). Once the data is aggregated, we standardize it by mapping data elements to a common format, resolving inconsistencies or duplicates, and establishing data governance rules to maintain data quality and integrity. This ensures consistency, and compatibility with downstream analytical systems.

We implement rigorous data validation checks to detect and rectify anomalies or discrepancies in the data. Our data governance framework includes policies and procedures for continuous monitoring and auditing of data quality, ensuring that any issues are promptly addressed.

Advanced supply chain analytics

With the control tower in place, advanced analytics techniques can be applied to uncover hidden insights, trends, and patterns. Our data analytics experts have built end-to-end analytics pipelines using your preferred technology stack and create custom dashboards as per the stakeholder’s preferences.

Monitoring is a key function facilitated by supply chain control towers. Through continuous data collection and analysis, they monitor the flow of goods, inventory levels, and critical performance metrics at every stage of the supply chain. This real-time visibility enables stakeholders to proactively identify potential bottlenecks, mitigate risks, and optimize allocations.

Demand forecasting and scenario analysis

Leveraging advanced analytics, and machine learning algorithms, our data scientists built and trained predictive models to analyze historical data and generate demand forecasts for the future. Such forecasts are crucial to expect demand levels for each SKU, determine the most optimal transportation route, etc. enabling effective planning of production schedules, procurement, and inventory levels accordingly.

We also perform scenario analysis by simulating different scenarios and assessing their impact on demand. You can model the effects of changes in pricing, marketing campaigns, or external factors like economic conditions or regulatory changes to evaluate their potential impact on demand and adjust the strategies accordingly.

Efficient serialized product tracking

Streamlined serialized product tracking results in maintaining product integrity and compliance in the life sciences sector. Synchronized data sources and advanced analytics elevate serialization, ensuring comprehensive tracking, and optimized operations.

We assisted global pharmaceutical companies in effectively tackling data management challenges which not only provided a consolidated view label and track products with serial numbers, but also eliminated manual data processing for the stakeholders. Our data visualization specialists built custom dashboards which help stakeholders to streamline master meta data management and achieve accurate regulatory reporting.

What can you achieve?

Optimized planning and reduced risk

Insights driven from real-time information from the entire supply chain can fuel data backed decisions that can improve efficiency, reduce risks, and enhance customer satisfaction across the supply chain.

Agile and resilient supply chain

Supply chains can integrate information from across the value chain and apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to achieve visibility and act with agility.

360- degree supply chain visibility

Next generation technologies for intelligent and automated data management, opens doors to witness data relating to every transaction, and demand trigger across the entire supply chain

Our work

Using AI, a pharma client contains inventory cost overruns by achieving 95% accuracy in drug dosage predictions

A global pharma company achieved 82% accuracy in sales forecasting despite data discrepancies

Why i2e?

Specialized expertise in life sciences supply chains

i2e stands out for its profound understanding of the unique challenges and demands of the life sciences sector. Our solutions are designed to address the specific needs of pharmaceutical and biotech companies, ensuring product integrity and patient safety at every stage.

End-to-end digital transformation

Our approach to supply chain transformation is holistic, encompassing data harmonization, advanced analytics, and technology integration. By digitally connecting your entire supply chain, we enable real-time visibility and control, helping you mitigate risks, reduce costs, and respond swiftly to market demands.

Innovative and customizable solutions

Our team leverages the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to create customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our solutions are designed to provide actionable insights and drive continuous improvement in your supply chain operations.

Driving value through data-driven insights

Our advanced analytics capabilities provide you with a 360-degree view of your supply chain, uncovering hidden insights and trends that drive strategic decision-making. With real-time data at your fingertips, you can proactively manage risks, optimize processes, and enhance customer satisfaction.

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What are the key challenges in pharmaceutical supply chain management and how can they be addressed?

Manual planning, lack of advanced analytics, and inadequate supplier collaboration are major pharmaceutical supply chain management challenges. Some other concerns are complex regulatory requirements, and adherence to compliance. Smart digital supply chain can help by offering customer connectivity, real-time planning, automated production facilities, and a central hub with interconnected nodes. i2e’s advanced solutions leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide a detailed view of the supply chain network for better decision-making. Additionally, serialized product tracking, advanced supply chain analytics, and demand forecasting improve traceability and ensure compliance. Overall, the life sciences industry can have an agile supply chain network with digital transformation that offers data-driven insights.

Digital transformation improves the pharma supply chain via advanced technologies like a central digital hub that enables intelligent supply chain management, automated production, and real-time planning. It also provides control towers and data harmonization, which can solve concerns related to manual planning and supplier collaboration. i2e’s smart supply digital supply chain is equipped with predictive modeling and advanced analytics that offer scenario analysis and demand forecasting, through which optimization can be done at inventory and production levels. Digital transformation provides a bird’s eye view of the supply chain, sharing details related to hidden elements as well. It offers an efficient network that offers insights into reducing costs and risks while improving customer satisfaction in the life science industry.

Technology integration, advanced analytics, and leveraging data are the best ways to optimize the pharma supply chain. i2e’s control towers offer a complete view of the activities by standardizing, validating, and aggregating the data. Machine learning offers data to executive strategies on marketing and pricing, while advanced analytics strategies help to figure out hidden patterns and trends to build customized dashboards. All these practices can help pharmaceutical companies to satisfy their customers, reduce risks, achieve proper planning, and boost agility.

Pharma companies can benefit from smart supply chain management by enhancing performance, eliminating risks, and improving efficiency. i2e solutions offer expertise by addressing the key challenges faced by pharma and biotech companies. Predictive models help with demand forecasting that lets companies plan their inventory, procurement, and production schedules. Serialized product tracking helps with streamlining the data and reporting. Additionally, all the networks of the supply chain are interconnected well for seamless communication across the channels that can result in addressing the market demands in time and improving overall production.