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To ensure projects have the highest quality staff, i2e Consulting provide on-site and off-shore modelling for resources. Organizations can benefit from the expertise and support of Microsoft-certified employees with no extra IT spend. There are three type of Staffing Models which i2e Consulting provides:

Handle Project with ON-Site Model

In this model our team of Microsoft certified professionals visit client site. Together with the client’s team we plan, develop, deploy and support the project.


  • Qualified professionals provide 24*7 support and communication gap is reduced.
  • This is especially helpful when critical business processes are involved.

Get Your Project Delivered with Offshore Model

The popular delivery model which is based on vendor site is the Off-shore resource delivery model. It is also known as outsourcing. Teams interact via digital communication mediums like video conferencing, chat etc.


  • The project expense is greatly reduced as companies pay only for the service provided.
  • E-Commerce companies can use this model as response time is a lot faster with 24*7 support.

Implement your Project using Hybrid Model

A Hybrid Model provides best of both worlds. This engagement model is preferred by a lot of clients. Typically, the onsite team completes 20-30% of tasks and the offshore team members completes the rest.


  • The accuracy and efficiency turn out to be the best using this model.
  • This model is best suited for manufacturing industry that require high effectiveness with best resources.

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