Client : Confidential

Industry : Pharmaceutical

Duration : 40 Days

With portfolio one, they now have instant access to this information, in real time, with the click of a mouse. Their existing systems have become more integrated and unified.

Business Case

The client believed that by managing real estate as a business function, it can cut costs significantly and, at the same time, increase productivity. However, it was possible only by linking real estate utilization to business unit performance in a relentless attack on excess space.

The client required a solution that would make real estate (owned or rented) data entry and collection more centralized and streamlined. It was imperative for them to further drilldown into and filter their data, making it more organized and visible.

Data visualization has spurred the evolution of analytics into a vital part of business decision making. Portfolio one's out-of-the-box design presents clients with a range of design capabilities, allowing them to present data in a beautiful manner with minimal effort


The client was struggling to align critical business information to enable data-driven decision making. Data originated from a variety of disparate data archtectures and source systems. Key corporate stakeholders were making strategic decisions based on manually assembled reports, which lacked measurable consistency, data reliability, and metric transparency. The client desired the capability to better improve efficiencies and reduce costs. The first step was to identify and pinpoint non-conformances and encourage corrective action for:

Real estate issues and by linking decisions about facilities to business strategy

Constant attention Constant attention to its occupancy-to-operating-income ratio

Identifying synergies between real estate and a wide range of internal technologies and support services


Portfolio one's data visualization tool provided a snapshot of a company's real estate situation; analyzing them gave the stake holders a clear sense of problems and opportunities.


If they could reduce the amount of space being used?


If they could reduce the price being paid for space?


If they could do business as effectively in a different type and class of facility?


If they could do business in another submarket in the region?


If they could reduce the environmental and financial risks of occupying current real estate?

Thus,Portfolio one enabled the business to drive smarter, faster, data-driven decisions realted to real estate.


This solution eliminated the need for the majority of manual processes and increased internal efficiency.

  • Data Warehouse Implementation
  • Integrate real estate data from various source systems Enterprise BI system enabled forecasting
  • Leveraged SQL Server to enable self-service analysis and reporting
  • Successfully used agile delivery method for a global team
This improved data- visualization, facilitated an organization wide hunger to execute precise, timely, processes. Additionally, the client obtained a rapid return on investment following Portfolio-one implementation, which was directly attributed to a reduction of the number of man-hours required to produce reports.

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